Get the Taste of Greece, Hand Selected by a Michelin Star Chef: Ancient Foods (Coupon Code)

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Happy Thursday everyone! I hope that you are having a wonderful week? Today I wanted to share with you an amazing 40% discount from Ancient Foods and why I recommend checking them out (Coupon Code HELLOBETTY40) . After reading up about this company I am in total love with their products and the ways that they pride themselves on delivering delicious foods in ancient ways.

Chef Nick Stefanelli has traveled throughout Greece to hand select the finest ingredients and bring them to the United States for the first time.  The olive oils, honeys, herbs, and teas that Chef Stefanelli has selected are world class, and sourced directly from farmers in tiny Greek mountain villages.  These are the same products that he uses in his Washington, D.C. Michelin Star restaurant, Masseria.

We find true artisans who produce healthy and delicious foods in ancient ways. They may be in remote locations, but we support them and bring their rich history, traditions and flavors directly to you.

I have looked around the website of Ancient foods and their products along with their pride in bringing their customers the best is amazing. They believe that food is a special way to experience ancient traditions and appreciate the rich history of the people who still live by them today. These artisans are proud of their craft, and they want to take you and your guests on that journey to these remote and unique places. They also know that these foods have been considered healthy for millennia and modern science is revealing more of the benefits today. 

Coupon Code HELLOBETTY40 (for 40% off your purchase)

As you poke around the Ancient Foods site not only will you find amazingly sourced products but you will also find amazing and delish recipes to try out. One of my favorite for you to check out is the PLANT BASED GREEK MEZZE PLATTER DRIZZLED IN OLIVE OIL!!! This looks totally amazing ?

This platter is drizzled with Ancient Foods Keros Olive Oil from Anceint Foods and perfect for any large get-together.

Ancient Foods Keros Olive Oil comes from Sparta, Greece and the name actually means “The Perfect Moment”. 

You can see the entire recipe on their blog and I highly suggest checking it out as well as their products. There are not many companies now a days, that take the time to really find amazing ingrediant to cook with but just by reading their blog and looking at their products you can tell that they have a passion for what they do and what they sell.

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