Get Motivated And Try New Products With The Fit Lifestyle Box

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Well, hello there and welcome to the first posting on ūüôā I am so excited to start my new adventure and today I wanted to share with you a subscription box that truly has become one of my favorite fitness inspired boxes. Last month I decided that I need to not only start to eat better but exercise more but finding snacks, protein powders, and accessories (which is a must) is not so easy. This is where the Fit Lifestyle box had me hooked.

Fit Lifestyle Box, a monthly subscription of Fitness goodies in a box that comes straight to your door. The box is different every month and always includes either a t-shirt or shaker bottles, wrist wraps and more, 2-3 Snacks (Protein Chips, Bars, Cookies, Jerky, etc.,)3-5 Samples (Protein, Aminos, Preworkouts, Fat Burners, etc.), and  fitness tips, all to help get you on the right path. It retails online at $ 20.00, and purchasers can stop the subscription anytime they want. The box can also be given as a one-time gift to someone, so it would be great for holiday gift time too.
Fitness Lifestyle
Personally, I am a tee shirt junkie and having either a new tee or shaker bottle in each box is a huge seller for me, and I just adore this the shirt that I received in this box. It is super comfortable and even though I have not started lifting yet.I will still rock it ūüôā One of my favorite places to work out in my house is in the bedroom where I can be left alone and turn on some tunes.
Not only that but I get to try taste “good for you,” healthy snacks and protein drinks. The first thing that I went for in this box was the Supertein, rich vanilla. I must say that this is the first protein drink that I did not have to add anything to that I actually liked. Here are close up images of everything that was included in the box.
I would highly recommend checking out the Fit Lifestyle Box. I just adore everything that is inside and for the price you can’t go wrong! No matter if you are a fitness but or just starting out your journey (like myself) this box is perfect.

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