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From Someone Who Had A Housefire: Why You Need an Early Alert Home Kit

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As most of you know and I really don’t like chatting about it we lost our home last spring to a house fire. When I say we lost it, I mean everything we own was gone. The entire house went up in flame because of old wiring in the house. Today I wanted to share with you why you need an Early Alert Smoke Alarm Signal Extender Home Kit.

A house fire can be devastating but losing a loved one or pet is even worst. Everything in life (well most of the things) can be rebought or you can just have memories. Yet, losing a family member or pet is not something you should take lightly. I always said “that will never happen to me”, but it did.

The Early Alert Smoke Alarm Signal Extender Home Kit actually works with your existing smoke alarm.

With the Early Alert Smoke Alarm Signal Extender Home Kit

  • You don’t have to hire someone to install the kit
  • There is no wiring
  • No complicated directions
  • You don’t even need Bluetooth or wifi

The above points are more important than anything. Anyone can set this system up since it does use your existing smoke alarm. The Sound sensor received the sound of your smoke alarm which then sends it to the other units.

When it comes to the Receiver speaker that you put into bedrooms or rooms that are far from the smoke alarm, you don’t have to settle for just the standard alarm. You can actually record your voice as well.

My Dogs Are My Life, Just As My Family is

My dogs are everything to me. We have been through so much and to lose them in a fire would be horrible. The first time we were lucky but I am not taking any chances. When you purchase an Early Alert Smoke Alarm Signal Extender Home Kit you can also get the Early Alert Smoke Alarm Signal Extender Window Beacon Add-on for Pet.

For me, this was the selling point but they also have a beacon for a baby and even disabled. This is a super cool feature because I love that I can put it in the window and know that if there is a fire, they will know my dogs are inside.

The beacon also has a little stand so you can just put it in the window ledge instead of putting onto the window. **I clean my windows A LOT since I have dogs so it was easier to put it on the ledge.**

Also included in the kit is a Pathway light which can help light up the way to the exit. When you do have a fire it is just a super confusing time and you might be thinking, “I know how to get out”, but trust me, you will be totally overwhelmed.

This entire kit is worth it in my book and it’s not expensive at all. You can create your own kit by visiting Early Alert and I really do hope that you check it out. A house fire is something you may never think will happen to you, but you just never know. As I always say “it’s better safe than sorry”.


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