Frightfully Fun: Fright Factory

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Fright Factory is a product from Tech 4 Kids, like last year I revised their 3d Magic, 3D Maker. This product is very similar but takes a spin toward the “Frankenstein” Theme, which I must admit that I really enjoy. Who doesn’t love creepy? 😉

Fright Factory allows kids to create frightening, gross and yucky 3D creations! Ultra safe using UV Light with Quick Cure Gel! Included in the Fright Factory box is the unit itself, which is battery operated, instructions, two bottles of EwGoo which is the Quick Cure Gel and three templates to make creepier stuff.

To get started, you will want to put in the batteries. It does require 3 AA so make sure those are on hand. Next, you will want to turn on the unit, this is where the Fright Factory I received did not work. Mine just stayed on, and the on/off switch did not work. This could have happened in shipment (you know how much delivery companies care about your packages).

Once you have the batteries in you can start having fun! All you have to do is squeeze out some of the EwGoo into the forms that are already made for you. You can also purchase theme packs that includes more forms and EwGoo. So your children can keep creating different designs.

The Fright Factory worked perfectly when it comes to setting the EwGoo up, and it really did not take very long. The bar that runs across the “mirror” has little lights which set up the EwGoo. You simply turn the knob, and the bar runs back and forth.

I waited about three to four minutes, and mine was already set up and ready to be removed.

In all the Fright Factory worked well and is super fun to use, not to mention easy for anyone to have fun with this. I did find this online at Toys R’ Us for $29.99 and free shipping. Also, make sure to pick up a couple of different theme packs as well like the one above. These include different stencils and EwGoo.

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