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Four Ways Your Home Can Boost Your Health

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They say that health is wealth, and it’s true that when our physical and mental wellbeing is compromised, nothing else in life seems to go right. The environments in which we spend time are key to this, as they have been shown to have a direct impact on how we feel and what habits we adopt – healthy or otherwise! So it makes sense to start by looking at our homes to support wellbeing, as this is where we spend the majority of our time. Making simple changes to our home is within our control and really can have a huge impact on health. Here’s how to get started. 


Schedule A Declutter 

Messy, disorganised, chaotic homes with too many possessions are bad for our mental states. We expend a lot of low key stress on trying to find things or sifting through clutter, so resolve to take action and streamline what you own. Rarely do we actually need all that we own. Start by Marie Kondo-ing your closet, as this is where a lot of us hoard excess items. The less you have, the less there is to take care of, store, clean and fix. Approach decluttering systematically, room by room and fill a bag with charity donations – not only are you gaining space and peace of mind, but you’re helping a great cause too. 

Commit To Real Food

There is so much evidence that overly processed modern convenience food is ruining our health, so show it the door. Delete that Deliveroo app and learn some simple slow cooker recipes that you can prepare in advance and stock your freezer with. Focus on quality organic meats and seasonal vegetables to get the most nutrition and investigate new healthier ways of cooking it – from and Instant Pot to a steam oven, direct response TV will let you order to your door. 

Keep It All Clean

boost your health

Keeping a properly clean house has the power to protect your immune system, as well as boosting your mental wellbeing. Just the act of cleaning itself can be highly cathartic, and you get a beautiful environment to enjoy afterward. Create a cleaning schedule for your home so that jobs don’t get neglected. Wash dishes and pans straight after use and vacuum at least twice a week, while wiping down surfaces with an antibacterial like the multitasking Zoflora every evening. If you can’t keep in top of things, consider investing in some professional help by hiring a cleaning service to come once a week. 

Introduce Some Plants To Improve Air Quality 

Plants around the home don’t only look great and soothe the mind, but they also act as a natural air filter, processing toxins and improving air quality. What better excuse to buy some beautiful plants in ceramic holders and position around your home? If you suffer a lot from allergies or have a compromised immune system, you can also look at purchasing a HEPA filter and upgrading your vacuum cleaner to alleviate symptoms. Improving ventilation in your home is key to keeping your health in optimal condition. 

Having a pet in your home can be a huge health boost as well. Live in pet-free housing? No problem! Learn how to make your dog, your emotional support dog.


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