Four Out Of The Box Gifts For Men: Skip The Socks

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I don’t know about you but the hardest person on my holiday list to buy for is my father and husband. I mean they literally have everything one could ask for (shoot. I am in their lives ?), but sometimes the smallest things can make a big impact on Christmas morning. Today I wanted to share with you four great products that I had the chance to check out for father’s day and they are also perfect for the holiday. Each is perfectly priced and can fit in just about any budget you might have.

Our first pick this year is two products from Community Coffee, the gift set as well as the Private Reserve Espresso. Both of these products are sure to please any father each and every morning and get him hooked on the delicious taste of Community Coffee. Community Coffee has been featured several times on Hello Betty because I just adore their coffee when it comes to taste.

If your pops has never had Community Coffee and is strictly a coffee drinker, their gift set is perfect. This gift box includes a ground 12-ounce Dark Roast, House Blend and Breakfast Blend coffees along with a microwaveable 16 oz. Premium Travel Tumbler.

The second option from Community Coffee is their Private Reserve Espresso. This stuff is out of this world GOOOOOOOOOOD! Crafted with 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee beans, Community Private Reserve Espresso is available in three exclusive blends: Signature Espresso, Heritage Blend and Founder’s Blend. Each blend captures a story of Community Coffee Company’s rich 98-year history and has been specially formulated to enjoy as espresso—offering dad a high-quality, deliciously smooth drink that can be savored from the comfort and quiet of home.

Slim Twin Icecream is our second pick for the perfect gift for any man in your life and his tummy 😉 It seems like nowadays sitting down and eating a pint of icecream is all the rage but without the calories of a normal pint, and packed with protein. Slim Twin is the first and only certified USDA organic low-fat, low-calorie ice cream. With only 240-320 calories per pint, Slim Twin contains zero added salt, glycerin, stevia, or artificial coloring/preservatives and is packed with 24g of protein (more than Halo Top and Arctic Zero!).

My husband is so picky when it comes to ice cream, myself I just gobble it down, so I wanted to know what he honestly thought. I did not tell him that Slim Twin Icecream was actually a “healthier” option at first. All I can say is that he ate the ENTIRE pint before I knew it. I asked him what he thought, and he just said: “it was good, its gone isn’t it.” LOL.

Emmy’s Organics Cookies is another pick this year from Hello Betty. I will say that these are not my favorite cookies in the world, I have to be honest, but that is only because I don’t particularly like coconut. Gotta be honest you know!

Made with zero artificial ingredients or coloring, these delicious bites are certified USDA organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan and paleo-friendly. I did however found someone that enjoys coconut, my neighbor and they LOVED them! So if pops is “wild about Coconut” this certainly is an option. My neighbor did say that she found they were super moist and the taste was sweet.

Any of these would be totally perfect and you can check out more top picks below in the Collabortive Holiday Guide.

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