Fire Department Coffee: New Spirit Infused Coffee Line

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With everyone at home I have a feeling, we are all drinking a bit more coffee than usual. Today I wanted to share with you the new spirit-infused coffee line from Fire Department Coffee!

Fire Department Coffee: New Spirit Infused Coffee Line

I must say that I have totally fallen in love with their new rum spirit-infused coffee, it tastes amazing and really is a welcome change to my morning and even coffee routine.

With no hangover you can enjoy many of the new flavors including Bourbon, Tequila and Irish Whiskey. All of which can be purchased comfortably online.

Fire Dept Coffee is owned and run by veterans and firefighters and is dedicated to giving back – 10% of the net proceeds go to help first responders who are ill or injured on the job. Which is an amazing give back opportunity.

One thing that I love about this brand is that they really exceed my expectations and I am always happy with their coffee. Not only does it taste amazing hot but also cold, which I actually prefer.

You can purchase this new line on their site along with many other coffees that they offer. I would highly suggest checking them out and its a great way to help give back to an amazing community. Stay caffeinated.

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