Fill You Home With Music This Spring: Phorus PS5 Speaker Giveaway

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As most of you know, music and I go together like peanut butter and jelly. I can’t think of a single thing that I do when I don’t listen to some sort of music, including cleaning, blogging and even when I am in the bathtub. Having a system that streams effortlessly from my phones or tablets is one of the biggest things that I look for when purchasing or reviewing a new speaker. 

For the past couple of days, I have been using the Phorus PS5 speaker. The first thing that really struck me about this speaker was its beautiful sleek design and how it really could be put anywhere in the home. I have had speakers in the past that were a bit bulky which is something that I just honestly don’t have room for here in my home, so when a footprint of a product is small it has me from the point when I open the box. The more important question is, does it work?

The Phorus PS5 Speaker can be used many ways one is being through your Wi-Fi, this is how I would suggest using the speaker. Wi-Fi streaming is handled by the latest 802.11a/b/g/n radio, which supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. The heart of my home actually runs on a 5GHz (dual band) system, and I usually have a lot of trouble connecting speakers, but the Phorus PS5 connected like a breeze. 

I simply used the app on my iOS device (Phorus App) and ran through the process with ease. I will say that it took about three times for it to connect finally but that is so much better than others I have tried. Once you are connected, you are all ready to go. 

  • Wireless Audio for Every Device – DTS Play-Fi, premium Bluetooth® with AptX and AAC, and support for AirPlay® streams are all integrated into the PS5 Speaker.  Stream pure, lossless audio over your home Wi-Fi network from iOS®, AndroidTM, Kindle FireTM, and Windows PCs with the Phorus Play-Fi Apps, or from OSX®, iTunes® and iOS using AirPlay. Other devices can connect using Bluetooth, with upgraded AptX and AAC audio quality.

Using the Phorus PS5 has been a joy and effortless. Another great feature which I could not test out because I only have one speaker is the system offers advanced options like multi-zone streaming, where you can send different songs to different rooms at a touch, and left/right stereo pairing, for enjoying PS5 Speakers in a stereo configuration.

The Phorus PS5 Speaker lets you effortlessly stream music to any DTS Play-Fi enabled device from Phorus or other brands such as Polk, Wren, McIntosh AudioParadigm, Martin Logan and Anthem.

Built-in global music options with the Phorus Play-Fi app include Amazon Music, Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, and Spotify, as well as thousands of AM/FM/Internet radio stations and podcasts from the BBC, NPR, Radio Disney and ESPN. Listeners can also stream music to every speaker in their home from any application on a Windows PC via the DTS Play-Fi HD Driver, such as Google Play Music and YouTube. Also, any application or service can stream directly to a single PS5 Speaker with Bluetooth or AirPlay.

The quality of music that comes out of the Phorus PS5 speaker is very nice and crisp. The DTS post-processing restores music’s rich details, enhances bass and gets maximum volume. Also, an advanced dual-core DSP and Class-D digital amplifiers dynamically deliver incredible sound quality at every level.

In all I really love all the choices you have with using the Phorus PS5 Speaker. If you don’t feel comfortable hooking up this system to your WiFi network you can stream through Bluetooth and ApplePlay. Along with all the apps, you can use this should be the only speaker system that you home and family would need. The price of the Phorus PS5 Speaker is $199.00 and can be purchased at phorus.com/store



Phorus PS5 Speaker Giveaway

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