Fight The 5 Signs Of Damaged Hair With L’OREAL ELVIVE (** Coupon & Giveaway **)

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had an amazing weekend. We have been getting warmer here and I can’t wait for spring, myself. Today I wanted to chat with you all about damaged hair and a couple of products that can help you fight against damaged hair. I am the type of person that colors and flat irons my hair as I get older I can totally see how these have contributed to damaging my hair and I wanted to find a product that really worked, enter L’OREAL ELVIVE Total Repair 5. (if the coupon below is not showing please follow the link)

I have been using this now a couple of weeks, and I must say that I can totally see the difference. When it comes to my hair and different products, I usually don’t have the time to leave it in. Most products suggest a leave in time, but with the Total Repair 5, it is a bit different. Elvive’s Rapid Reviver innovation is a deep conditioner with no leave-in time, provides easier detangling, and provides 2X more results than a leading conditioner.

Fights 5 Signs of Damaged For:

  • Rebuild Fibers
  • Strengtth
  • Vitality
  • Silkiness
  • Shine

I just can’t believe just over a couple of days how much my hair has changed. Below you will see a picture of me today. If you follow me on any of my social media you know that I have very damaged hair. I think it looks a zillion times better since I started using the ELVIVE Total Repair 5.

The BIG thing that I notice is the shine. IT’S BACK!!! I feel more confident to not use a million products to make my hair look shiny and I am more confident when it comes to just letting my hair go natural through the day. There are not many times that I love doing a close up of my hair but using the ELVIVE I am more confident to do so.

I would highly suggest printing out the coupon above and entering to win a trip to paris. Give your hair what it needs with ELVIVE Total Repair 5.

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