Feeling Cooped Up? Create More Space In Your Home With These Clever Tips

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No one likes to feel cooped up in their own home. However, it is an experience that many people go through, especially when they need to spend an extended period indoors, or their family has grown in size. The good news is there are some ways to create more space in any home. Read on to find out what they are. 

Make space 

Before you engage in construction work to fulfill your need for more space, it’s wise to do a thorough declutter. This Is because sometimes it is not that we have too little room, but that we just have too much stuff. Indeed, unless we get a handle on our clutter, the space we live in will always feel cramped no matter how much extra room we add. 

The good news is that even if you do find there are many items you no longer want, they don’t all have to end up in the garbage. Instead, remember that you can sell or donate many of them, providing them with second life, and limiting the amount of landfill waste created. 

Add a conservatory space 

If you have decluttered your space, and you find that you still need extra square footage, a great option to build a conservatory. The great thing about a conservatory is that it can often be faster and easier to build than adding a traditional room to your home. Also, conservatories are a great way of enjoying the sun and your garden without having to be outside, something that makes them an addition that can help boost the value of your home. 

Add a basement 

Another savvy option for adding more space to your home is to add a basement. There are plenty of smart reasons to opt for this way of adding additional square footage to your home too. One is that it is often easier to get planning permission for a basement than it is for an outward extension. Additionally, by extending your home downwards you can preserve other important aspects of your living space such as your garden. 

Of course, there are some particular requirements that you will need to consider when adding a basement to your home. The first of these is that you will need to find a good excavation contractor to dig out the ground that your basement will occupy. Additionally, you will need to consider the structural implications of building down, rather than out, something that a qualified builder or architect can help you plan for. 

Convert the garage 

Finally, you may not need to add additional space at all. Instead, why not convert a space that you already have? In particular outbuildings and garages are perfectly positioned for this because you will already have the outer shell to work with. 

Of course, there will be a fair amount of work to be done inside such as adding windows, plumbing, and electricity. Insulating is also important as most outbuildings are built in a single layer and do not have the warmth of the occupier in mind. However, by making the investment to get this work done properly it is possible to add useful and valuable space to your property. 

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