Fall Comfy And Cozy Guide

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I just adore the fall season and today we are going to chat about some products that help you get the fall comfy and cozy vibe. I know that I am totally digging everything pumpkin this season and not only doing some Dollar Tree Crafts to share but also working with a couple of amazing companies that I think are the perfect addition to your fall season.

In the mountains of North Carolina, it has already been in the 40’s at night. My RA is not digging it but I surely am! One thing that I must do is try to stay warm so to start off I wanted to share with you some amazing products. The first is from Good Manors Living Throw Blanket.

This blanket to me is classic when it comes to the style and really can help keep you warm on those “not so chilly nights” when you might just need a bit of warmth. What I really enjoy about this throw is that it is perfect for traveling or even in the office when it is a bit chilly outside. I actually used this over the weekend to sit by the fire. It was so nice.

My next product is another throw, because you honestly can’t have enough, trust me. This one is from a company called ameridown and OMG it is so comfortable. This throw is a bit different as I would not consider it for travel just for the home. It is made of Deluxe Microfleece, making it not only soft but super warm, yet still light weight.

This throw comes in so many beautiful colors all perfect for fall or the holiday season coming up.

Another product that you will always find me in is Heat Holders. Did you know that they have loungewear? OMG…I am so in love with their Wide leg lounge pants, that I bought two more pairs. I am not going to lie. I actually wear these to my infusions. They are just the right warmth and its like wearing a hug.

Not only does Heat Holders offer amazing loungewear but if you have not tried their other apparel, it is a must. I have a couple pairs of their socks, which I highly recommend, as well as their hats and gloves. Wowza!! Keeping warm is a struggle sometimes but with Heat Holders it makes life so much simpler and warmer.

If you are looking to spice up your home a bit I would suggest checking out a brand called Jungle Culture. This is an amazing company that All products sold on their site are packaged plastic-free and zero waste. Their sustainable coconut shell bowls are all vegan friendly and no chemicals or pesticides are used in their production. Choose between their simple and stylish original coco bowls or their creative hand etched range of patterned coconut husk bowls!

I must say that I am in love with these bowls!! It adds the perfect touch to any home and a very unique style. I just love eating my poke out of them. I don’t know why but I swear it tastes better in these bowls. Each bowl you get comes with spoons and a straw. Each of these are perfect to help uplift your tablescape this fall season and beyond. They are also amazing for traveling.

Another item from Jungle Culture that I would LOVE for you to check out is their amazing Safety Razors. Ok. So you know I have RA and my hands are finished. Holding things such as a Razor is so hard for me that I actually put a tennis ball on my old razor so that I could try to grip it…BUT…With Jungle Culture I don’t have a problem.

I found that with the balance of the razor and the handle being a bit bigger than most I can do it!! You don’t know how happy I am about this. When it comes to the fall season, I find that many people try to do a bit more self-care before the big holiday season, and this is perfect.

The last item that I would love to share with you from Jungle Culture is the Coconut Candle. There is nothing that says fall the most then adding a new candle to your home. Just like all the Jungle Culture products, I am proud to say this company is amazing. Their philosophy is to help people and inspire them to see the beauty and purpose in nature. And this candle does just that.

This candle is divinely decadent, subtle and creamy, providing a relaxing and soothing aroma that fills the room with tranquility and will make you reminisce about your last trip to the beach! I just sit here in my office smelling it, it’s that good, baby!!!!

Speaking of self care let me chat a moment about an article that is coming later this week. One thing that people look over when they are thinking about the health of their family is the water. That is why I wanted to include Epic Water in my Fall guide as well.

Their filters remove up to 99.99% of tap water contaminants. This includes fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, trace pharmaceuticals and other known menaces of municipal tap water. The straw’s patented filtration technology meets and exceeds NSF Standards 42 and 53 for contaminant reduction. This means that it is certified to make water odorless and fresh-tasting, as well as remove a variety of health-related contaminants like VOCs and MTBEs. Better still, it does all this without removing health-essential minerals from the water.

Some of the products that will be in the Epic Water posting are the Epic Smart Shield (under the sink filter), the Pure Pitcher, and our 48oz Grande Bottle. I am just in love with the under the sink filter. It is so easy to install and perfect as a whole family option as well as the Pure Pitcher.

I just could not help but to include this in the guide because the water that you drink is so important when it comes to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Fall is the perfect time to start getting on the right track when it comes to your water.

When it comes to the fall, I always find that we are having small get togethers and starting a fire to keep warm. One product that is a must for any bonfire is the Pull Start Fire. I am totally the worst person to get a fire started so the Pull Start Fire was literally made with me in mind. NO matches, lighters, or kindling needed!!! How cool is that.

Not only is it so easy to use but it also can start a fire using wet wood. Totally winning. It is also safe to cook on so that those s’mores don’t go to waste.

🔥The easiest, fastest way to start a fire
✓ No matches or lighters
✓ No kindling
✓ Lights wet wood
✓ Windproof and Rainproof
✓ Burns up to 2.5x hotter than leading brands
✓ Burns for over 30 minutes
✓ Multiple built-in safety features

One other amazing product that will actually be in my holiday guide but a must for the fall season is a heated towel rack. Amba heated towel racks add a stylish accent to any bathroom and keeps towels warm, fresh and dry, reducing dampness, mildew and frequent trips to the washing machine–especially important for humid beach houses.

Utilized in Europe for decades due to their energy efficiency,heated towel racks use much less energy than a standard dryer (about the same amount of electricity as a few light bulbs). Heatedtowel racks can transform a regular bathroom into a cozy day spa, adding style while saving space.

Atlanta-based Amba Products makes more than 150 surprisingly affordable heated towel rack models in a variety of mounted and free-standing profiles to match any size or style preference.

I will have again a full feature for this because you have to see it. Not only is it beautiful but super useful for those chilly mornings. I will not lie and say I don’t put my hoodies on it in the morning to get a bit warmer. In love! They are super affordable and can give your bathroom a wonderful updated look.

I do hope that you have enjoyed this Fall Comfy and Cozy Guide. I know you will love these products just as I do. Make sure to check them all out and start this fall in the perfect way, with a little something for yourself.

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