Ekster: The Perfect Wallet For The Holiday’s

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Most of you might be running out of time finding that perfect gift for that awesome, handsome man in your life but honestly, look no further. If you are looking for something smart and modern in a wallet you must check out Ekster.

EksterĀ®, known for bringing to life the first and only solar-powered trackable wallet, was recently featured by Forbes, Mashable, Digital Trends and many more for its innovation.

As soon as I received this wallet I am not going to lie, I totally fell in love with it. It has an air of sophistication around it that really is brilliantly beautiful and manly at the same time. So what makes this wallet so smart you might ask?

Ekster offers their amazing wallet that that is slim and offers a non-bulky form but it also has a tracker. Many of us travel year round and if you have ever been one of those unfortunate people to have lost their wallet you will know what a pain it can be. Replacing everything and spending your time on the phone replacing cards. It really can be a hassle.

The feature of this wallet having its own tracker sets it apart from most wallets and why I highly recommend checking it out today. I received the PARLIAMENT + TRACKER, which is super easy to set up and get on your way. You will find inside the box a URL for you to get started.

In the user manual, you will find everything that you need to know including why I prefer the Parliament over the other wallets. The Parliament offers room for 10+ cards & coin/cash, RFID protection for 6 cards and is available with a solar powered Tracker Card to ensure you never lose it again.

What is really cool is that your cards are safe inside the wallet and you push the black button to pop them out. They don’t come flying out but simply push forward for use.

Once you are familiar with your new EKster I would suggest checking out the app so that you can actually track your wallet. You can track your new wallet using an app called TrackR App. This app is simply downloaded to your phone or tablet.

In all this is an amazing product for the coming year and the holiday season. I know that you might be running out of time to find that perfect gift to be shipped but this is totally worth the wait. You can check out Ekster online and their pricing is different for each model but I highly suggest checking out the Parliament.

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