Eco-Friendly And Eco-Nomical: The Best Tech For The Modern Environmentally-Friendly Home

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It’s the term typical of the modern world. “Eco” products seem to be the benchmark for looking after our homes, not to mention the planet. The modern home can embrace a lot of smart technology, and so many of these items may seem beneficial to the home we live in, but they are nowhere near as beneficial as self-sufficient practices, such as organic gardening, growing your own crops, or living a waste-free existence. So, technically speaking, what are the best ways to use modern computerized systems and technology to ensure we have a home that is eco-friendly, but also economical?

A vital part of keeping your home economical is about keeping the heating down. These days, there are numerous smart thermostats such as the ones made by Nest that are easy to use, and actually, deliver what they promise. The vast majority of smart homes these days have a thermostat that is able to control the home independently, and for those looking to be economical and environmental, it’s a no brainer.

Solar Panels
Everyone’s got their opinions on solar panels, not least the fact that it can be very expensive. But, it’s all about choosing the right solar financing option. Because there are many to suit everyone’s needs. So many of us believe that we get solar panels at such an extortionate price, but get minimal returns for it- we need to change this way of thinking. In fact, through the many providers of solar power now, we’ve all got many options to choose the right product, not just for our energy usage, but for the aesthetics of the home.

Smart Shower Head
Are you constantly concerned about the amount of water you waste every year? Most of us that are looking to be economical can make a killing, financially speaking, by cutting back on our water usage. But water is such an essential commodity- what can we do? Well, the Hydrao smart shower head is designed to use less water. It lets you know how much water you’ve used through a smart LED light setup, which can turn the water blue, purple, red, or green. You have the power of how much water you can use. So if you prefer a long shower, you don’t have to waste as much as you would.

Air Quality Monitor
If you are someone who has concerns about the amount of dust or co2 in the air, the Awair smart air quality monitor checks for these things and gives you a score out of 100 on its LED display. The great thing about this tech is not just the fact that it gives you a real time analysis of the toxins in the air, but it’s not made from unsightly plastic or metal. Every device is handcrafted from North American walnut timber, blending seamlessly into your home smartly, rather than making it look like a smart home.

SmartStrand Carpet
And if you’re looking to turn your home into a space that’s attractive and environmentally friendly, these carpets are incredibly durable and made from natural products. The material has been crafted with corn and extracted sugar, weaved into a carpet that is soft and stain protected which is perfect for families with pets and young children who like to make a lot of mess!

Dual Flush Toilets
We don’t have to go completely technical to gain the environmental benefits; dual flush toilets can reduce so much water usage. As toilets use more water than any other fixture in the home, if you don’t have a dual flush mechanism, you need to make this simple swap. As your toilet can use up to 27% of the water in your home, make this a priority, and you will see your bills decrease.

Eco-Friendly Paint
And if you are making an upgrade to your home to make it appear greener in attitude, but also aesthetic, eco-friendly paint is a smart option. As commonly used paint contains an abundance of chemicals and greenhouse gases that damage the atmosphere as soon as the paint is applied to a surface, eco-friendly paints provide a safe alternative. The other great fact about eco-friendly paint is that it doesn’t have that same smell that you have to endure when painting your home from top to bottom, as well as no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

A combination of tech, but also modern economical practices can ensure that you are getting the most out of your home these days. It’s not all about smart homes that use an abundance of electricity, it’s about the smart choices.

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