Dream Trips For Chocoholics

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Remember the scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, when Augustus Gloop was scooping up the river of chocolate and enjoying as much as he could? If that looks like an idea you can get behind the chances are you are a slight chocoholic. And, in that case, here are a few places that you should be heading to sharpish. 


Maison Cailler, Switzerland

There is chocolate, and there is Swiss chocolate. There are a number of factories that show you the ins-and-outs of their process, but Maison Cailler is renowned for being just about as comprehensive as it gets. This isn’t just about the chocolate either. You get the opportunity to wander around the stunning village of Broc, and there are plenty of tours to be had too. You can walk through the milk-chocolate production line, and end on an all-you-can-eat tasting session. There are workshops, but you’ll need to reserve a place in advance – and it’s great for kids too. 

Hersheypark, Pennsylvania

Okay so this isn’t strictly about eating chocolate, but everything about it is chocolate-themed. There are a few seasonal events that are sure to bring a smile to the chocolate lovers face. There is a range of children’s rides and water rides too. You can stay in the park, but if you want to make the most of your time, then a hotel near Hersheypark is a better idea. The Clarion Hotel is child-friendly – ideal for staying in while you visit the park. They also have a range of discounts arranged with local amenities you can access with your room card. Perfect. 

Schokoladenmuseum, Germany

A vast three floors, based on the Rhine devoted to 3000 years of chocolate! It has a range of 1920’s adverts, molds, and a rainforest with real cacao trees. And, you know the Wonka reference in the opening? Well, the Schokoladenmuseum has a chocolate fountain in the lobby, and they hand out fresh walked for dipping!

Rococo Flagship Store, London

If you like the idea of a labyrinth of everything chocolate, then look no further. You can shop for delicious crystallized petals, the more moreish cocoa nibs and the hot chocolate is otherworldy. You can take a truffle-rolling class at the nearby school too. It is one of Britains largest handmade chocolate makers and this artisan chocolate comes is stunning antique packaging. 

Hotel Chocolat, St. Lucia

Based in St. Lucia’s oldest chocolate plantation, this boutique hotel was called cacao heaven by the New York Times. Which isn’t surprising really, considering there are 14 luxurious suites and you can harvest your very own cacao pods! You will then learn how to turn them into truffles – which is undoubtedly decadent. You can also get yourself a cocoa-oil massage and drink a cacao bellini in the infinity pool. 

When it comes to picking the perfect getaway for people who love chocolate – but not just a bar, the history, the craft, and the history – any of these places will be out of this world. 

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