Dove DermaSeries A Must for sensitive skin

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Howdy everyone and I hope that you are having a terrific day. The weather changed overnight up here in Deleware, and I might say that it is rather chilly. As the days start to get colder, it is the perfect time to rethink your routine when it comes to your skin. I have extremely sensitive skin, and that is why I think the DermaSeries from Dove is a great way to get through the winter months.

The DermaSeries was made with people that might not be able to find other relief from products because of sensitive skin. This series is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic products for people with sensitive or dry skin as well as dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. So when Dove created this line, they were thinking of everyone!

The collection consists of 8 products, including a replenishing body lotion and a gentle cleansing face wash, which hydrates and keeps skin moisturized in cold weather, to an intensive repairing expert balm for instant, on-the-spot relief, that also helps repair dry skin long-term. One of my favorite products in this line is the Dry Skin Relief Body lotion because it soaks into the skin so quickly (or I am just really dry).

Enriched with AminoSilk Complex and powerful moisturizers, this Dove lotion instantly soothes itchy, dry skin. Clinically proven to replenish moisture levels, it helps restore your skin’s protective barrier over time, making it one of our best body lotions for dry skin. And in a non-sticky, creamy formula that spreads with ease, you get a soothing feel for all-over comfort. Expert care meets lasting comfort, so you can make peace with dry skin and get back to your beautiful best.

Any of these products would be perfect for the fall and winter months ahead. Make sure to also check out the body wash as I am actually headed to the store to purchase some for the camper. In conjunction with the body lotion, this is the perfect combination.

DermaSeries Fall Tip: 

As the temperature drops and we crank up the thermostat, moving between the cool, damp weather outside and the warm, dry air inside can cause dry cracked skin and flare-ups. The moisture evaporating from your skin can leave it feeling itchy – and delicate facial skin can be especially sensitive to this. Gail has a secret weapon: “I sleep with a humidifier. Not only is it great for your breathing, but also definitely helps with dry skin. As soon as I started using it I noticed an improvement.”

Keep that moisture replenished with Dove DermaSeries Replenishing Face Cream. This hypoallergenic and fragrance-free face cream has been specially created for very dry skin (and it has SPF 15 too – protecting your skin from the sun is important all year round).

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