Don’t Overlook This When Buying a Home

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When you are in the process of buying a home, there are so many things to consider. At the same time, there are a lot of people talking to you and asking questions and wanting your opinion. There are some specific things that need to be looked at when you are house buying and if any of these things are off, it’s time to move on to the next or have the current owner fix them. Here’s what to not overlook when house hunting. 

The Foundation

The first thing you want to put your eyes on is the foundation. Is it secure? Is it cracked? If for any reason you feel the foundation may not be sound or needs repair, get on that fast. Have the current owner call a foundation expert to come over and make sure that everything is okay because if your foundation needs work, you may have to leave your house. 

Fixing a foundation can take time, and it’s the last headache you want when you move into a new home. 

The Plumbing

When you do your walk through, peep the pipes. If there is a basement, look out for any leaking, dripping, or pipes that may need to be replaced. Turn on faucets, flush toilets, and make sure everything seems okay. 

Leaks can cause damage to floors and walls, and that will be a whole other problem that you will have to pay for. Make sure the plumbing is okay. 

The Windows

When going in and out of rooms, run your hand along windows to check for any drafts that may be coming in. A lot of times windows are not installed properly and if there is air getting in, that means that rain or other weather related elements may be getting in. Have the current owner call a replacement window contractor to fix any problems you may find. 

Leaky windows can lead to damage to your walls, and drafts can lead to increased energy costs. Save yourself money and make sure the windows are sound. 

The Roof

You may not be able to get on the roof yourself, but you can call a roof inspector to come and take a look at the roof for you. We have all heard nightmare stories of roofs leaking or needing repair that caused more problems for the homeowner. Get on that roof fast and make sure there aren’t any broken tiles, missing tiles, or areas that appear damaged. 

If you see any of these things, have those areas addressed and fixed before you sign the paperwork. 


Does the property flood? That is a big question because standing water not only attracts pests, but poor drainage can cause your house to flood and damage your things. Take a ride past the house on a rainy day before you decide to buy in order to check out the land during a rainstorm. 

Fixing drainage problems can cause you a lot of money, so make sure someone else takes care of it. 

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