Dog Vacation Checklist: Winter Edition

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Howdy everyone! I hope that you all are having a beautiful day? I have not been posting as much because of the fact that I am getting ready to go on respite. A much needed time off from being a caregiver. Today I thought I would share with you a couple of important items to remember to bring with you when traveling and share a little dog vacation checklist.

No matter where my husband and I  go, we always take Ricky with us. He needs a vacation as well 🙂 Dogs are so fun to travel with, but if your dog is like mine they need some comforts of home. Below you will find a couple of items that I always bring along with me when I am traveling with Ricky in the winter.

Dog Vacation Checklist: Winter Edition

  1. It is the winter time, and temperatures can drop during the evening, shit even during the day to dangerous levels. I always bring with me two of Ricky’s coats so that when we stop, he is not freezing outside. I also bring his little boots so that I can keep his feet free from salt that maybe in the rest area parking lots.
  2. To keep Ricky comfortable, I bring along his dog bed. We have a full-size truck, and we give him the entire back seat. I put his bed down and so that it does not fall on the floor I use an empty box to make a little shelf. I also make sure to bring a couple of blankets.
  3. As I am packing my suitcase, I also pack Ricky a bag. I include everything that I may need during the trip when it comes to medications, treats, and water. I make sure to bring a couple of bottle of water along with a small bowl that I have for our trips.
  4. Health Records: I keep a copy of Ricky’s vaccinations and health records in his bag. If you enjoy taking your pup to a dog park, you might need this. I also like to take this with me in case something would happen and that way I can give it to the vet.
  5. Identification: Make sure to bring all identification tags for your dog. Including a pic (which I am sure that most of you would already have on your phone). Just in case you and your buddy might get separated. Heaven forbid.
  6. Cleaning stuff: Ok. I am not a big stickler when we are traveling when it comes to cleaning stuff because of the type of truck we have but if you are traveling and have cloth seats or carpet you will want to make sure to bring a roll of paper towels and a bit of carpet cleaner or some type of auto cleaner. It never fails that either your little pup will have muddy feet and jump inside or just make a little mess. Be prepared. One cleaning item that is a must if your pup likes looking out the window is Windex. My little guy loves to get his nose prints all over them.

Below you will find a little printable that might come in handy. I have left room for you to write in your own items as well as a notes area for before the vacation. To print or save this image simply right click and save. Easy as pie.

I hope that everyone has a chance to get out this winter with their dogs and just have a good time. Most importantly, don’t forget the camera. I get some of the most candid shots while driving with my Ricky boy and his little buddy.


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