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Do You adore Caramel? Johnson’s Popcorn is for you

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As most of you might know, I just LOVE LOVE caramel. There is never enough for me. It is the one vice that I still have. Caramel to me is like a huge hug and comforting smile. One my worst days caramel is always there. Might sound silly but I am literally a Caramel Girl. Did you know Johnson’s Popcorn offers the most amazing caramel popcorn on the planet. You might have seen them in a couple of guides I have but, their Caramel, wowza, it is totally out of this world.

What I love most about some of the companies that I work with is their history so I wanted to share that with you.

Since 1940, Johnson’s Popcorn has been one of the most famous icons of the Ocean City, New Jersey Boardwalk. The aroma of hot caramel tossed over giant kernels of popcorn has lured millions of visitors to Johnson’s Popcorn’s storefronts that lie beneath the red and white awnings.

All of Johnson’s Caramel Popcorn is Hand Mixed in large copper kettles. This mixing process always draws a crowd of fascinated eyes and hungry snackers during the summer season. Every kernel is popped and mixed at one of our Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk locations, 7 days a week, 12 months a year.

I might be displaying this for the fall season, but this can totally make anyones day anytime of the year. What I truly love about their caramel Popcorn is that it is so full of flavor and you can really tell that they take pride in the products they sell.

The popcorn comes in an Iconic Johnson’s Popcorn plastic container (I actually reuse these for craft items), but you could totally put the pop corn in your own jar or even make a beautiful gift for a new homeowner.

I used mine to fill up my spooky Dunn Canisters, so my husband can’t find the good…shhhhh

They have a ton of different flavors if caramel is not for you like their Chocolate Drizzle which I had the chance to try last Christmas. Boy, that stuff was not around long!!

I wanted to share with you this amazing brand because when companies like this show up on my blog, I truly believe in their products, Johnson’s Popcorn has my vote for literally the best Caramel Popcorn I have ever tasted (and trust me I taste a lot of different products).

I would highly recommend checking them out at nothing says fall better than Caramel and nothing says yummy like popcorn. Head on over to one of their stores or pick up some online. Your family is going to dig this, trust me. Ok. Gotta fly as now my husband has began to eat my display again.


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