Defining Your Personal Style

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It seems like every magazine you open or Instagram that you scroll by; they are talking about their personal style. It leaves many of us scratching our heads… Well, what is our personal style then?

How do you know what looks great on you, or what you really love unless you really start reaching out? Heading outside of your comfort zone, trying different styles and shapes. And all of that costs a lot of money if you are investing in high-quality pieces.

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

So how do you nail your personal style?


Feel free to spend as long as you like researching what you think is beautiful. After all, no one else has to wear it, just you. You have to love every piece that you buy and have the confidence to wear it. Think about some of the celebrities that you really enjoy reading about. Head to their Instagram and see what they wear on a daily basis. Most of them are pretty candid. You will often see just a t-shirt and jeans moment. It also pays to find your favorite online dress boutiques – sometimes a brand just speaks to us.

Mood Board

Plan it out. You probably already have a really good idea of what you want. So start putting into a Pinterest board, and over time, you will see a theme. It might be bold blocks of color, it might be patterns or textures. Whatever it is, you are closer to nailing your signature style. You can add completed looks, or you can add pieces that speak to you. Spend some time, have some fun, ask a friend. Relax and let your creative fashion moment happen.

Body Shape

This one is important. While your body is perfect exactly how it is, specific clothing is going to look phenomenal on you. So spend some time working out what you can to make pop and what you might not want to show off. If you want to show off everything, then go for it. There are some cuts of clothing that you will feel stunning in already. Find them, make them your template and clothing goal.


It is just as important to know what you don’t like as it is to understand what you do. Is it leather? Pleather? Replica of designer gear? Heels? It might even be a funny shade of grey that makes you feel like going back to bed. Hold on to that.


Oh, god, please no… Or maybe not? Okay so in general uniform sounds like it is going to be boring. But, actually, this will allow your wardrobe to be a happy place. Capsule wardrobes are very simple and most importantly – a great formula. These boots + these trousers + this shirt = perfection. If you have the cuts and colors that work, the build out from that.

Bye Bye

Anything that doesn’t meet the standard needs to meet the second-hand store. Keeping items, we are never going to wear takes up space, and brain space too. While it is there, we will always consider it an option – even though it NEVER is.

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