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Declutter Your Kitchen With Keurig KOLD

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Do you find yourself struggling with kitchen clutter? I know that I do. My husband and I love to collect different old kitchen gadgets which really takes up a ton of space in my kitchen. I mean they are everywhere. Above the cabinets, hanging on the walls and just about any place we can fit them, but we do love em’ so getting rid of them is not an option. When dealing with kitchen clutter, you should not have to sacrifice the things that make your kitchen unique so today I would like to share with you a great way to help not only your kitchen become clutter free but your fridge as well. 

The Keurig KOLD is a new product that Keurig introduced not long ago and since the first time I set my sights on it, I just knew this would be something for my family and many others. One thing that is always cluttering my kitchen, fridge and pantry are cans of soda. Everyone in our family drinks something different making for a difficult time finding room for everything in our small pantry and fridge. 

I would have to say that the coolest thing about the KOLD system is that you don’t need to use CO2 canisters. Instead, the KOLD uses carbonator beads that are inside of the POD. So everything you need to make the perfect soda is included in these small KOLD PODS. The POD itself has two containers one which holds the beads, and the other holds the syrup. Just imagine how much room you could save in your kitchen and fridge by using these PODS. 

Using the KOLD system gives you the freedom to choose from a huge selection of different beverages including some of America’s favorite like Coke and Sprite, but you also could choose from a wide variety of crafted drinks including one that has become my favorite the Flynn’s Soda Shop Vanilla Cream. This is totally YUMMY!! Along with all of these sodas there are also PODS for sports drinks, flavored waters, iced teas, and seltzers. With this huge selection I am sure that everyone in your family will find something that they love. 

When deciding on purchasing the Keurig KOLD I would recommend that  you take a look at the spec sheet. This is a rather large machine, but it does have a retro look to it. Every time I use my KOLD I always think about the old time pharmacy shops. I know I am crazy, but each glass gives you a bit of nostalgia of the good ol’ days. 

First Use Of The KOLD Drink Maker

When you first use your new KOLD it does have a two-hour chill down time and while it chills down it really sounds like a mini-fridge when you first plug it in. After it is chilled down you will want to use the primer pod to clean out the machine. Then you are ready to rock! It is that simple. 

The KOLD system features an intuitive, single button display panel, making it easy to use. With a 52 oz. reservoir, the KOLD system is always ready to make six cold beverages in a row. If you’re playing host and want to serve a larger group, you can enter “party mode” simply by adding ice to the water reservoir. This is a great feature and I will go more into this in another posting later this week for the perfect Easter treat using the KOLD. 

In all, I really enjoy using the Keurig KOLD drink maker. Not only does it give me the freedom to drink all of my favorites but it also gives me more room in my kitchen than having a ton of different cans and bottles. You can purchase the KOLD system online for $349.99. After using this all week, I can really see how this will become a staple in our household.

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