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October 3, 2019 in Home Decor

Your house is your paradise. It’s where you start your days and relax when they are over. Your home is where you are free to be yourself, without worrying about what other people think or who can see you. It should be the one place on earth where you always feel comfortable, no matter what else is going on. Your haven in the chaos of modern life. 

All this means that our homes are incredibly private. Your decor choices should reflect your personality and taste. It doesn’t have to suit everyone else. It certainly doesn’t have to be the same as anyone else’s home. But you should love it. 

However, part of loving your home, is how welcoming it is, to yourself and to other people. As private as your home is, you’ll still want to be proud of it and happy to invite family, friends, and other guests in. To do this, it needs to be welcoming and inviting. Both the atmosphere and the decor should welcome people in and make them feel comfortable, even if they’ve never been before. If you are worried about how welcoming your house is to others, or you don’t feel too welcomed by it yourself, here are some things that you can do about it. 

Start Outside

People make the first impression a long time before they even set foot into your house. They look at the outside, and already know whether they want to go in or not. They form an option based on the front garden or drive, the windows and doors, and the brickwork itself. If your house looks clean and tidy, as a few colorful flowers or plants, or some green grass and decadent shrubs, it’s already appealing to guests. 

But, if your windows are cracked, the frames are old and tired, the door is dirty, or the brickwork is damaged, or if your drive is filled with rubbish and mess, it puts people off. If you need windows repaired or replaced, make it a priority. But, sometimes, just cleaning the front of your home can make a big difference. 

Focus on the Hallway

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So many of us completely neglect our hallways. They are a space where we throw our shoes, coats, and keys when we get in. A through road to other parts of our homes. They aren’t somewhere that we spend time and so we stop seeing them. For guests, however, the hallway is the first thing that they see. The first place in your home that they spend any time.

So, spend some time on it. Make sure the hallway is clean and tidy, and that there’s plenty of room to walk. Add shelving and some decorative touches. Then, make sure that there is room for your guests to hang their coat and bag, or to take off their shoes if they’d like to. If there’s no space for them, they’ll stand awkwardly waiting for you to take their coat or tell them what to do. This isn’t a great way to welcome someone in. 

Add Comforting Textiles

Once into your home, there’s nothing more comforting than soft textiles. Add rugs to wooden floors and throws and cushions to your sofa. These small touches can make a room warmer and more inviting, even if they aren’t used. 

Make Sure It Smells Nice

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Every house has a specific smell. We often associate the smell of a house with the people that live in it. The scent that greets people when they walk into your home is a big part of their first impression, and they won’t feel comfortable and happy if it’s unpleasant. Try to keep your home smelling fresh and clean, and add some air fresheners or scented candles to make things more inviting. 

Add Plenty of Seating

Your guests should have somewhere comfortable to sit. If there’s nowhere for them to sit, they’ll feel unwelcome and unwanted. So, when you add seats, don’t just think of your household, add some extras for guests. Or at least have some extra seating that you can get out quickly when needed. 

Use Warming Colors

Warming colors can be very inviting and relaxing. Create a welcoming atmosphere by adding deep warming colors. You might want to keep your walls neutral or light to create a relaxing and peaceful space. But, you can still add warming, rich colors to your furniture, textiles, and accessories. 

Add Personal Accessories

Personal touches like photographs, artwork, drawings, and crafts are what make your house a home. People feel welcomed when they can see life and not just a neat and tidy empty box. 

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