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Could a Pergola Be What Your Backyard Needs?

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Summer is here and many of us are starting to enjoy the good weather and spend more time in our outdoor spaces. This makes sense! Why not enjoy the warmth and sunshine while it’s there? Of course, the more time you spend in your garden, the more time you’ll have to mull over how it can be improved. Now, there are endless options out there, from landscape design to the installation of decking and more. But why not consider a pergola as this year’s garden investment? Here’s some more information about these wonderful backyard additions!

What Is a Pergola?

Now, you may not have heard of a pergola before. So, let’s take a moment to clear up what they actually are. Put simply, pergolas are a garden feature, which were originally popular during the Italian Renaissance. It is a wooden structure which can be placed in your garden space and, more often than not, has an arched, slanted or flat roof. You can have it installed attached to the house, a summer house or it can be a free-standing feature in and of itself. Given time, you can cover your pergola with climbing plants, such as ivy or Wisteria. This can create shade under the structure and foster a cool haven to relax in during those warmer summer days. The best part of a pergola is that it’s open, which means that the structure doesn’t block the breeze for anyone sitting beneath it. 

The Benefits

As we’ve briefly highlighted above, the main perk of a pergola is that it provides you with a shady, cool and breezy space to lounge in during the heat of a summer’s day. Children can play under it, you can relax under it and it requires minimal maintenance in return. On top of this, pergolas look great. These structures are all natural, so don’t interfere with the atmosphere of your outdoor space. They can also be draped in flowers and other foliage, or, if you wish, soft fabrics. Finally, a pergola can create a private space in your outdoor space, keeping you from the eyes of others.

Where to Find a Pergola

Of course, pergolas aren’t just something you pick up from a store and pop up yourself at home. They often require a professional from a pergola company to fit them properly, ensuring that they are safe, secure and will stand the test of time. It’s important that you do use professionals, as you don’t want your pergola to pose a risk to anyone who may be spending time in your garden.

Making It Your Own

Remember that no two pergolas need to be the same. You can personalise yours to make it your own. Consider painting it, hanging baskets of flowers from it, choosing unique climbing plants to grow around it or anything else that takes your fancy.

As you can see, there are all sorts of perks that come hand in hand with incorporating a pergola into your garden. So, why not try one out for yourself?


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