Classic Cottage: Easy To Implement Style Features

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Whether you like it or not, minimalism is going out of fashion. Unlike clothing fashion, home interior styles are not so regularly recycled. It’s very difficult to dethrone a movement once it has sat down. During the previous decade, we saw postmodernism morph into several different but inspired movements. First, there was the Scandanavian, then the industrial and then the more common, minimalism. As you would expect, human beings can love something one day and then reject it the next morning. This is what is occurring right now as we speak. Older and more experienced styles are making a huge comeback. This is natural as a new style is trying to be born. But for the next few years, you can expect to see classic styles reemerge with prominence. The classic cottage style is already in the lead.

Black and white Tudor style

The cottage was made famous in nations like England, Sweden and Wales. The most common colors you see in all of these styles are black and white. The mortar is often covered in white plaster and left to dry while the timber is painted black. This creates the classic look of a cottage that you normally see in Hollywood films. However, you need not use such classic materials if you don’t want to. You can instead implement support structures covered in shiplap or beadboard wooden panels. These can then be painted in black or perhaps a deep brown hue. Your walls should be painted in a ghost or pearl white. It’s best to get rid of your wallpaper as this is something that would ruin the look. Wallpaper is rarely found in cottages and usually only appears in the bedroom. The black and white surroundings will truly make the home’s space look more defined and proportioned.

A homely cozy bedroom

One of the best things about a classic cottage is how cozy the bedroom becomes. This is a style that prides itself on being the best of the countryside. Therefore, your bedroom needs not just a style makeover but a material change too. Buy a down-stuffed pillow as this is one of the hallmarks of the style. It can be geese or duck but go with duck as the down will hold it’s shape for longer. Next, you need a woolen duvet as the sponginess and softness of the cottage bedroom demands it. Lambswool is something you may want to consider if you don’t like the coarseness of some sheep wools. Unlike other styles, you have material choices to make. Instead of an anti-bacterial synthetic duvet, you can choose from a wide variety of wool as each sheep breed offers different levels of comfort and warmth.

The covers should be bold. Blue and white stripe covers are fantastic for the classic cottage style. For one thing, you are keeping it basic, allowing navy blue and white to bring light and character to the bed itself. The pillowcases should have designs that can either be ink-soaked or sewn in. Do not get printed designs for your pillow as they will easily fade in just a year or so. A woolly rug by your bedside is yet another classic addition. Cottages are out in the country where it’s often several degrees colder than in urban areas. Getting up in the morning should not be something you dread because of the cold bitterness of the floor on the soles of your feet.

Strong and humble

The cottage style is homely and cozy, but it’s also strong. These sorts of homes have to be structurally strong because they use natural materials. Speaking of which, your floor should be rough boarding which fits a little roughly to boot. Remember, a cottage is not a mansion, so your hardwood flooring shouldn’t be millimeter perfect with regards to fit and finish. You want it to be a little jagged and uneven. Not so much that it causes a hazard, but you want floorboards which are thick and strong, which will mean they are not cut as straight as removing the material would weaken them too much. 

This strong and humble flooring style should be met with similar wooden decor. Your dining table should be made out of oak, a common but strong and versatile wood. Do not paint it in an unnatural color such as white or blue. It’s best to leave the wood in its natural shade but give it a nice see-through sheen finish. 

An iconic living room 

If you fell asleep and awoke in another house’s living room, you should be able to tell what the rest of the house will look like just by observing the living room style. The classic cottage style is one such that you can instantly tell what the decor in other rooms is going to be like, just by looking at the living room.

A more notable feature is the bay and bow windows like the kind Renewal by Andersen of Tucson offers. The bay offers just enough room for one of two people to lean on with their waist, due to the enlarged space between the edge of the windowsill and the frame. The bow windows open outward, vertically, allowing for a lot of airflow into the home. This is great for when you have hot summer days and need the proper circulation of fresh air. It’s also a versatile design, allowing you to use the window space as a reading nook. Fancy curling up in a throw while watching the night sky? The bay and bow windows style will allow you this luxury. 

Another notable feature is the large and heavy coffee table. This is a table that is obviously more than a coffee mug coaster, it can support your legs and feet for when you want to lie back on the sofa. 

The classic cottage style is no longer a fringe love affair. It’s making waves for a reason. It’s cheap to implement yet, it provides strength, warmth and homeliness unlike any other style in the world. 

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