Choosing Your Dog Breed

by Hello Betty

When it comes to getting your new furry friend, aside from things like toys and healthy dog food, you are going to put some thought into the breed of dog that will work with you and your family. Finding your new buddy isn’t always easy. Sometimes although you like the look of a breed, their needs won’t match well with your family. 

Choosing Your Dog Breed

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If you live in a big property, you might like to consider the bigger breeds. But, if you have an apartment but are hoping to fit in a large breed, then it isn’t really fair on them or you. So really consider how much room you have available for the dog. 

Often bigger breeds are gentle giants, but they aren’t aware of how big they are. Which means they may accidentally knock children over. So, if you have little children – think carefully about the size. 


Some breeds are bouncy by nature, and they will tell you about it too. They need a lot more walking than some of the lazier breeds. Huskies are a popular choice for looks, but they need a lot of work to keep them active and keep their brains busy too. Find a breed that matches your energy levels. 

Furry Issues

Many breeds shed, some she much more than others. If you like the idea of brushing your dog’s coat daily, then maybe an Afghan Hound is going to be your best buddy. Shorter coats still need to be brushed and washed, but they don’t require as much work. Beagles and Boxers have short coats, and they remain shiny with a proper diet and the occasional bath. 


Just like people, some dogs are smarter and more mentally active than others. If you want a more intelligent dog, then you are going to need to look into training. In general, though you should think about training no matter what do you choose. It will benefit you later on, and your neighbours too (less barking). It is a good idea to get your dog as socialized as possible too, this will stop any issues later on. 


Some breeds have common issues that will need a lot of attention down the line. Bigger dogs tend to have a lot of joint problems, and breeds with skin folds around the nose are prone to skin infections and breathing issues. So you should always research the issues that some breeds are susceptible too. 


If you want a purebred, then you are better off looking for a breeder for that type of dog. If you don’t mind what your new pup looks like, then you can get one from many accidental breedings. Mutts don’t come with papers, and a bloodline like pure breeds do. And, you can never be sure what a mutt will grow into. It is also worth considering going to a dog shelter and giving an old or abandoned dog a new home. 



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