Check Out Boost Mobile For Holiday Savings

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Most of you know that I have been a long time favorite of one carrier but recently my husband and I got out of our longtime contact and have gone with Boost Mobile because honestly, it is a great service and right now they have amazing deals, not to mention the Moto E 5 PLAY

I am very partial to the Moto line of phones and that Boost Mobile has the Moto e 5 Play has really helped me to make this decision of moving to Boost. Below you will find some limited deals going on right now to take advantage of but first let me chat about the phone a bit. 

The Moto E 5 Play is really a basic phone and there are no-frills but it has a solid performance and it is easy to do most tasks you would need to do during the day. Myself, I think that I am a HUGE cell phone user and really do all of my tasks on my phone including at times blogging, social media, my calendars for the month, browsing and beyond. I had no problem at all using the Moto e to do everything that I needed.

When it comes to the look of the phone it is lightweight black plastic construction and a removable back cover. It does come with a water-repellent coating that can withstand accidental spills and splashes, but not full immersion in water.

The only thing that I would say that this phone is really lacking is the fingerprint access. If you purchase the phone through Boost Mobile you will find that the Moto e 5 Play does not come with this option. You will find on the right-hand side the power and rocker volume.

When it comes to the display I was impressed considering the price point of this model. It has a 5.2 inch HD touchscreen display, 1,280-by-720 IPS panel that works out to 282 pixels per inch (PPI). I found that all the colors were vibrant and true.

When it comes to the battery life I did find that it fell short, just a bit. After a full six hours of use, it was ready for a charge. I should mention this was using apps, making calls, and watching video’s just to see how it did. When it comes to just talk time you should get about 20 hours before you will need a charge.

This might not be a big concern because it does have one feature that I love when it comes to batteries in a phone. Some might have noticed that as more phones come available we are not able to change out batteries anymore. With the moto e PLAY you can actually have access to the battery and sim card. For me this is a HUGE bonus with this phone. 

In all I think that this is a great option when you are looking for a no-frills phone and perfect maybe for a teenager that is looking to update their phone. I had no problem doing all my basic functions such as making calls, using apps, and surfing the web. 

As I mentioned before Boost Mobile is offering so much this holiday season when it comes to plans so head on over to find out more and get in on the savings this holiday season. 

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