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Here at Hello Betty, we love to craft amazing recipes and desserts and baked goods are a must! We have all kinds of recipes to please your guests and family, not to mention that most of them are super easy to create.

One thing that we take pride on is that our recipes are easy to execute, even our baked goods. Meaning you should not have any problem creating your own masterpiece dessert at home with ingredients that are easily found.

If you are looking for more than just desserts make sure you head on over to our recipes where you can find everything from lunch and dinner recipes, to amazing dip and beverages.

Vanilla Depression Cake

Ello, folks! I hope that you are all well and safe during this crazy time. Today I wanted to share with you a way that you can make an amazing cake with items you most likely have in your pantry. The depression cake is super popular right now and tastes so good! This cake is …

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Rainbow Cupcakes

Ok. So you know I adore cupcakes! I think it is because they are so much fun to decorate and they can be super easy to do. Today I wanted to share with you these cute Rainbow Cupcakes that are perfect for pool parties or family gatherings this summer (after social distancing of course). This …

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