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Candle Lovers Gift Guide For The Holiday

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Ello, folks! As we all are finishing up our shopping this week I wanted to share some of my favorite candles with you in our candle lovers gift guide. Candles can be found in almost every home and really can bring the holiday spirit to life through different scents.

This year I have found some really unique candles to share with you and I know you will love each on of them.

Candle Lovers Gift Guide For The Holiday

The first candle that my husband I am have been using this week is from the amazing Oasis Soul Scent Co. They offer a wide selection of holiday candles for you to enjoy. For this post I would like to suggest the cranberry chutney . If you adore a soft sent that literally fills your room this is the candle for you.

I just love the magical medley of cranberry, apple, orange, sugar and spic, that lofts in the air ever so beautifully.

Quick Candles For Stockings

If you’re looking for last minute gifts to get that special someone who seems to have it all (except enough candles), Sicily Hill is the perfect present. Sicily Hill is a luxury aperitivo-inspired candle company that specializes in creating scented soy-based candles that have three wicks and are 26 oz. (allowing them to burn for hours and hours). 

For that friend/family member who’s constantly showing off their candle haul, Sicily Hill has scents they’ll love like Champagne, Berry Spritzer, Cappuccino and Lavender Tea.

Candle Lovers Gift Guide

While the holidays look different this year if you’re not able to spend them with that special someone, giving them a candle that invokes a sense of nostalgia or just brightens their mood is the perfect way to show your appreciation for them.

Currently Sicily Hill is offering free overnight shipping if you’re doing any last minute shopping (there not judging) on December 23rd or 24th,  ensuring that your BFF or family member will receive their candle in time.

Candle Lovers Gift Guide

This candle is something that is not only beautiful but smells amazing! I was able to check out their Champagne candle, and OMG, I am in love. I adore the case that the candle comes in and really gives the over all candle gifting a “classy” look.

Another company to purchase this holiday season is Satya + Sage! They offer a wide selection of amazing candles that fit the holiday perfect. I wanted to list these all below so that you could check them all out. Personally I would go with the Linnea’s Lights!

  • Satya + Sage Blessed Candle ($18.00-34.00): A bright aura of peppermint is paired with the calming incense of eucalyptus and rosemary, infusing the atmosphere with the essence of life and gratitude. Rich hints of thyme, light cedarwood rise to cradle these opening notes
  • Satya + Sage Goddess Candle ($18.00 – $34.00): Composed to celebrate the Goddess within, this lively candle reveals hints of bergamot, orange, and grapefruit, expanding to a palette of fresh florals and greens.
  • Satya + Sage King Candle ($18.00 – $34.00): Embrace a regal state of mind with seamless auras of cedarwood, patchouli, and cloverleaf. Sandalwood and vanilla then blanket the aroma, completing the fragrance with a rich, sensory glow.
  • Linnea’s Lights Seasonal Bourbon Tabac 2-Wick Candle ($34.00):  This inviting, soothing scent features the perfect mix of warmth and spice. It is handcrafted in the US with hints of aged whiskey, tonka bean, and tobacco.
  • Linnea’s Lights Noel Holiday 2-Wick Candle ($34.00): Bring home the warm notes of a holiday dinner with this handcrafted candle with notes of bay leaf, sugared berries, and cedarwood.
  • Linnea’s Lights Gather Seasonal 2-Wick Candle ($34.00):  This inviting, soothing scent features the perfect mix of warmth and spice. It is handcrafted in the US with hints of nutmeg, tonka bean and vetiver. 
  • Farmtrue Meditation Ghee Candle ($20.00): This candle is made from Grass-Fed Ghee and is commonly used in Yoga and meditation practice. Introduce a calm vibe to your holiday scene with the soothing natural scent of ghee. Burn time is approximately 14 hours.

Another perfect selection is the Luxury Scented Soy 3 Wick Candle for Stress Relief & Relaxation High-Intensity Aromatherapy. I really find this candle awesome because of the fact that it will simply last you longer than a standard candle.

Candle Lovers Gift Guide

Aubert & Amandine aromatherapy candles have the same (or higher) high concentration of fragrance you expect in a luxury candle.

That means you don’t have to burn your candle a long time to fill your room with scent, so your candle will last longer. By spreading just the right combination of microparticles into the air, Aubert & Amandine aromatherapy candles create the right mood for stress relief and relaxation.


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