California Dreaming: 3 Great Vacation Spots In The Golden State

California​ Dreaming: 3 Great Vacation Spots In The Golden State

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Movie buffs, beach lovers, and thrill-seekers unite; there are vacation spots in the Golden State that are guaranteed to tick all of your boxes. If you’re thinking about visiting California this year or next, these are just a few of the destinations that we believe are worth your time.

California Dreaming: 3 Great Vacation Spots In The Golden State

#1: Los Angeles

Mention California to anybody, and Los Angeles is probably the first place that comes to mind. And with good reason, as it has some of the greatest tourist attractions in all of America. There’s the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to explore, with the great Hollywood Sign itself, as well as the Walk of Fame, Universal Movie Studios, and the many homes of the rich and famous. Beach lovers will be heading to Santa Monica Pier, theme park devotees are bound to put Disneyland on their Californian buckets lists, and culture-buffs will be in seventh heaven with The Getty Center and the world-famous Natural History Museum. To be honest, there is too much to mention here, so check out this extensive list of LA attractions. No matter what you are into, you are bound to find something to excite you in this incredible city.

#2: Eureka

Sure, you could stay in Los Angeles when visiting California, but there are many other towns and cities worth your time in the Golden State. Eureka is but one of them, especially if you like nothing more than pottering around botanical gardens, walking through ancient forests, spending time in the sea, and exploring historic parks. Eureka is a charming and beautiful seaside town, and you are bound to have many eureka moments when you discover the various delights on offer. We have hinted at just a few, so if you want to know more, we highly recommend you book lodging in Eureka and spend your time exploring the many beautiful areas in and around this coastal region yourself.

#3: Bodega Bay

We have discussed two of California’s largest areas thus far, but you would be remiss to overlook the smaller towns located within the Golden State. Bodega Bay is an underrated example, so if you enjoy the benefits of being by the sea and prefer the quiet pace of small-town life, this is one area you shouldn’t miss out on. This coastal destination is the place to be if you want to kayak on the sea, go whale watching, and immerse yourself into the life of a small-town fishing community. It’s the place to be if you enjoy horseback riding, hiking, and with the wonderful Sonoma Coast Vineyards, wine tasting. Oh, and while LA is a popular spot for movie lovers, know that Bodega Bay has its very own Hollywood claim to fame, with locations from classic Hitchcock movie, The Birds. Thankfully, that film isn’t based on truth, so you needn’t fear a stay in beautiful Bodega Bay!


From the large to the small, California has it all! We have only touched upon a few vacation spots, but there is plenty more  to discover in the Golden State. So, consider what you’re after from a Californian vacation, and continue your research online for a few of the other highlights in and around this fabulous part of America.

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