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Bunny Tracks Float Made With Keurig KOLD Drink Maker

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Hi, ya everyone! I hope that you all are having a fab day. Today I would like to share with you all a great little drink for the family to enjoy this Easter made with the Keurig KOLD. As you all know, I am in love with this machine, and you can see my full review here. This drink maker really not only saves you the clutter of cans in your kitchen, but it is so much fun to come up with little special drinks for the family. You can also check out my “adult” drink made with the KOLD called Peep On The Water.

To make the Bunny Tracks Float I decided to use the Flynn’s Vanilla Cream Soda for the KOLD. I just love Vanilla Cream soda, and the Flynn’s brand is really perfect for any type of float. They also offer Root Beer, which would be great to use as well.

You could use any of the soda’s that are available for the KOLD to make this drink. It really depends on your taste. That is the one reason that I fell in love with the KOLD. They offer a ton of different soda’s for you to choose from. All you have to do is pop in the POD and get ready to enjoy your favorite beverage. 

I also used Blue Bunny, Bunny Tracks ice cream. The combination was amazing and perfect to enjoy this Easter season. 

The KOLD drink maker actually comes with two cups that are perfect for the KOLD system, and you can purchase more of these cups as needed for the family. I thought it would be really cute to personalize the cup a little bit with my Silhouette and a piece of vinyl. 

After brewing the Vanilla Cream soda, I added the Blue Bunny, Bunny Tracks Ice Cream. Let’s just say it was so good it was all I could do just to take pictures without drinking it. he he he. There you have it! I feel this would be a great little treat for everyone in your family, and I love the perfectly sized glasses, that you could customize that come with the KOLD drink maker. Make sure to check out my other postings above and learn more about the KOLD system as well as make a Peep on The Water drink for the adults. Cheers, my friends 🙂




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