Bring The Island Life Home With Uncommon Green

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We have all had those memorial vacations. The ones that you had such a great time and everything went perfectly. It might have been with friends or a family member, but you just want to cherish that moment forever. I have had several great memorable trips with my father, husband, and friends, which I want to remember forever. One such trip was a cruise with a great friend of mine when we were in high school. I had so much fun!!

The Uncommon Green’s maps barware makes it easy to get a glass etched with a map of that destination, and you’ll think fondly of it every time you pick up the glass to take a sip. With the introduction of their Islands line, all those wonderful, warm weather vacation memories will come flooding back–it’s almost as if the sun is still warming you up!

I received the Bahamas rocks glass, and I love it. Etched into the glass is a map of all the locations and it is very beautifully done. The quality is excellent. 

This would make a great little gift for anyone that loves to travel or again something to remind you of the good times that you have had on a vacation with your loved ones. You can actually customize the glasses with a special message to mark the place and time where something very special took place, maybe an engagement, birthday or anniversary! For rocks glasses, custom text can be added to the bottom and side of the glass.

Not only does Uncommon Greens offer these rocks glasses but they also offer a wide selection of other types of glasses, state slates, and even phone cases. I just love the look of the state slates, and all of their prices on different products are perfect. 

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