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Bring Color To Your Holiday With Treetopia

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So as most of you know, I adore Christmas Trees. The more, the better. Today I wanted to chat out Treetopia and their amazing colorful trees.


I had a chance to check out their White Pencil Tree, and I must say that it is really beautiful. I am in the process of decorating a guest room for the holiday season so that you will see a couple of posts including this tree.


What I really like about Treetopia is how brilliant the colors are. The white tree is SUPER white, and I just adore it. To add a splash of color, I decided to use pink ornaments on the tree. It turned out perfect.

Treetopia really has every color you could want and shape. They even offer trees that you can hang from the ceiling, which I just love the look of.

My husband and I are going simple this year, and you might have seen the other posting for the tree in my dining room. Since the fire, you can imagine that we don’t own much at all, so we are starting from scratch.

Since our guest room has a super clean style, I wanted to stay with that theme. Using a white pencil tree was perfect, as it just added a bit of the holiday season without going overboard.

Setting up the Treetopia tree was so easy. It literally just snaps together. One thing that is really different about this tree from others I have used in the past is the foliage. They have rounded branch tips give this tree its manicured appearance. Which I think looks beautiful.

My dog and his photobombs….ugh…..

For a bedroom or guest room, I would always suggest going with a pencil tree vs. a more massive tree because you might not have a lot of room for a huge tree. A slender pencil silhouette makes this tree ideal for decorating homes that are short on space, without skimping on style.

This is the first posting in our guest room redecorating series. Looking out for the next post tomorrow. I do hope that you check out Treetopia as their trees really are so beautiful. Go bold or go simple, they have something for everyone.


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