Bring Back The Beautiful- How To Brighten Up Your Home Exterior

by Betty Bite

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We’re putting more time, effort, and money into making our homes beautiful than we ever have before. Social media is filled with glamourous interiors, how-to guides, and picture-perfect homes. 

While we’re spending so much time on our interiors, the outside of our homes can be an afterthought, but it doesn’t have to be so daunting.  A little TLC and creative touches here and there and you can make your whole house somewhere to be proud of.  

Paint your house

One of the best ways to give a new lease of life to your home is to give it a fresh coat of paint.  Even if you aren’t planning on a radical color change, it will make a big difference. 

If your house is constructed out of brick, you can use a company to brick staining Denver to really bring the brickwork back to life.  

Change your front door

Front doors are often boring but they should be the focal point of your house.  Doors today come in a range of great styles and materials that will really add the wow factor.  

If you don’t want to replace your door entirely, then refinishing it with a new color and the new door furniture is easier (and less expensive way) to make a huge difference. 

Salvage and reclamation yards often have vintage doors in stock if you’re looking for a unique door that will get the neighbors jealous. 

Get creative with lighting

By using lighting on the outside of your home (beyond a standard security light) you’re creating a welcoming feel.  Use lights to illuminate porches, walkways, or gardens. 

There are tonnes of different styles to choose between, from modern, solar-powered lights to traditional lantern style.  There’s something to suit every taste.  

Add window boxes

If you’re feeling a little green-fingered but aren’t ready to tackle a gardening project, then window boxes are great for adding a splash of color.

You can choose bright flowers or even herbs which you can use in the kitchen.  Imagine the amazing scents all year round. 

You can buy many different styles of window boxes from DIY shops or online, or you can get creative and make your own.  

Create a seating area

Your house shouldn’t be something you look at on the way in and out of.  If you have space, creating a welcoming seating area.  It’s a great place to entertain or just relax with a glass of wine. 

Depending on what you want to use the space for, you can have a porch swing or a couple of rocking chairs with a side table.


It is standard to look straight at your house from the outside and assess it for things that we love, things we might change, and things that need to be improved. What’s less common is looking up and checking out whether the roof needs a little TLC, yet it is one of the parts of the home that will be subjected to the greatest punishment. Be prepared to put some calls in to roofing companies who can restore your home’s curb appeal with a little bit of repair work. It may also save you money on heating and air con usage in due course.

Smarten up your windows

Windows are the eyes of your house.  Clean them thoroughly and bring any grimy PVC back to brightness with a specialist cleaner. 

If your frames are wooden, sanding an repainting them will not only keep them looking great, but will protect them too. 

If you have the budget, decorative wooden shutters bring a touch of charm to any exterior.  

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