BoxVR: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

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Ello, everyone! I do hope that you are enjoying your day. Before we know it soon Father’s Day will be here and we will all be scrambling to get dad that perfect gift. For me, Father’s Day is the worst because I never know what to get my dad. This year I had the chance to check out BoxVR on the Oculus and this has become my absolute favorite gift of all time.

BoxVR is the ultimate pleasure when it comes to pure fitness cardio boxing. Let’s just say that I enjoyed every minute rocking out to BoxVR. BoxVr is a boxing game where you punch pink and blue targets, blocking, and avoiding barriers by either sweating or dodging left or right.


Everything begins with you loading the BoxVR onto your Oculus. You create your safety area and the fun really begins. I just love how the tempo of the music really gets you pumped as you start to jab, and soon will lead to hooks and uppercuts.


I know that most of you know that I have RA as well as Dupuytren’s contracture in my hands. This makes everything I do difficult but one thing that I did notice is that playing and working out to BoxVR really didn’t upset my joints or my contracture. Total win!

I literally have been doing BoxVr for the past week about three times per day, because it is that much fun! I really feel that if your father enjoys working out or just looking for a great way to get fit this is perfect.

I have totally enjoyed BoxVR and I have had all of my neighbors play it and get their opinions as well. They all had a raving review and said “that it is the most fun and a great workout experience”.

I do hope that you check out BoxVR and download it today for your device. Below is a video that I did showing some of what BoxVR has to offer.

The game is available on Oculus, Steam, and PlayStation VR.


  • Oculus–$29.99: Core BoxVR workout package
  • Steam–$29.99: Core BoxVR workout package
  • PlayStationVR– $29.99 Core BoxVR workout package 
  • Add-on essentials Pack– $9.99: BoxVR’s most fun workouts to date, featuring a mix of classes choreographed to brand new music. 
  • Add-extreme Pack– $9.99: BoxVR’s most hardcore workouts to date choreographed to brand new music. 

You can access the BoxVR app through  Head to the bottom of the page and click on the OculusPlayStation or Steam stores to purchase and download the game and start kicking butt.

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