Blueberry Muffin Fudge

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As the holidays are approaching, I wanted to share an amazing and wonderful blueberry muffin fudge recipe with you. These make wonderful gifts and gets you away from the standard flavors.

This recipe brings two old favorites together in a beautiful blend for the holidays.  This is really easy, and you can make it a day or two ahead, so it’s ready when you need to serve it.  It’s sweet and silky, and a great homemade dessert.  Everyone is sure to love this. 

Oen thing that I love about this recipe is how colorful it is! These are simply beautiful to look at but even more amazing to eat. These would look perfect on a buffet or dessert table this holiday. You will be the envy of your family.

How To Make Blueberry Muffin Fudge

Blueberry Muffin Fudge

Line the bottom of a 9 X 9-inch square pan with parchment paper, and set aside.  In the mixing bowl of a stand mixer, mix the butter, sugar, and vanilla until smooth. 

Place the flour in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave for 1 minute, then remove from microwave and stir – flour will be hot.  Place flour back in the microwave for another 15 seconds, remove and stir again. 

Add flour to mixing bowl, and blend until well combined.   In a microwave-safe bowl, add the Eagle-brand milk, and White Chocolate, and melt on 15-second intervals, until smooth and creamy. stir well to blend.  

Blueberry Muffin Fudge

Pour melted milk/white chocolate into mixing bowl and blend.  Scrape down side of mixing bowl, and blend again. Add blueberries, and blend on low just a couple of turns. 

Blueberry Muffin Fudge

Add blue food coloring gel, and turn mixer on low to swirl, just one turn around the bowl.  Add purple food coloring gel, and mix again, but just one turn around the bowl. 

Remove bowl from mixer, and pour fudge into dish.  Spread evenly with the back of a spoon or spatula, and place the dish in the refrigerator, overnight for best results.

Blueberry Muffin Fudge

How beautiful right? I just adore the way this came out and the taste is out of this world amazing. You are literally getting the best of the blueberry muffin and fudge. Simply taste!

When you’re ready to serve the fudge, cut in 2 x 2-inch squares, sprinkle with the oatmeal topping and a few blueberries, serve, and Enjoy!

Blueberry Muffin Fudge

On a side note, When you add the food coloring, make sure to only turn the mixer about one turn around the bowl, otherwise, you won’t end up with the swirl color effect, and it will turn out all one color.   If you prefer a brighter or darker color, you can use a little more food coloring gel, in blue, and purple, until the desired color is achieved.

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