Blogging Trends 2017

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Welp. It is a new year which means new blogging trends. Each year if you read a ton of blogs like I do you will start to see patterns and already this year I have found a couple that I would love to share with you. Blogging trends are so important when you own a blog and implementing them can be pretty simple.

In 2016, there were a ton of changes, but this year I have seen some of the most significant changes ever and most of them I just simply love. Below you will find a little list with information on how you can implement these changes to your blog.


Blogging Trends 2017

  1. Content: So since the first and before that I have been watching blogs closely. I have found that most of them have upped their content when it comes to wording. It seems that a majority of them have over 1,000 words. This means that they are taking more time to get a blog post together. It is really easy to implement this on your own blog by simply taking your time and making sure that you are getting the information to your readers.
  2. More Visually Inspiring Posts: I have said it before, and I will say it again. We are visual creatures which mean that blog posts need to be visually inspiring. I read several blogs daily, and I find that if I look back a couple of months to today, they have upped their games when it comes to images. More original images vs. stock images etc. You can implement this on your blog by simply taking the time to take images for each posting. Sure. This can be a pain in the butt, but in a couple of weeks, I have a post to help you streamline your images and quickly edit them. Make sure to look for that 🙂
  3. Comments Closed: I actually read this on another blog that I followed and did not realize it till I started looking at it. I keep my comments closed because I want more interaction on my social media but never noticed that many others do this as well. It does in fact work! Since I started this habit, I have seen an increase in my engagement on social vs. my blog. This is not for everyone. Some feel that their comment section is a lifeline to their readers. If you would like to implement this on your blog or just try it out it is easy. Simply close the comment section. The theme that I use, I have the option to close some of all of the comments within the posting itself. Each theme is different.
  4. Pageviews: Sure page views and hits are important, but it seems to me that many advertisers and collaborators are looking for social media stats over page views. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked about my views and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This year I am trying very hard to get those numbers up, but it is a slow and steady process. If you are looking to increase your social media engagement or numbers, I would suggest taking a look at each one and make them all streamline. Each should be different but have a strong following that comments, retweets or shares.
  5. Design Factor: Design has always been important to me because of the simple fact, again, we are visual beings. When creating a blog post, website, blog or anything online you need to put the time and effort into those design elements. Recently, and with the start of 2017 I have seen some of the plainest, generic blogs become nothing but pure brilliance. It really seems that people are stepping up not only their images but their entire brand. Besides having great content, you need to make sure that your site is something people remember. If not you will be just another blog. We don’t want that. Take the time and recreate something beautiful. It is super easy to jump on Creative Market or Themeforest to find beautiful designs.

These are items that I have noticed so far, but I am sure that there will be more coming as the year has just begun. I do find that many bloggers are not posting as much but paying more attention to social media. This year I have worked out a schedule so that I only post about three times a week while sharing old content during the days that I don’t post any new information.

Whether you decide to implement any of these changes is up to you, again, they are just trends and will not work for everyone. I am sure that there are many more trends out there that I am missing, but for me, these are the most noticeable. I have seen that many bloggers have stopped adding so many video (unless you are a vlogger) and working on fun, creative posts instead. Looking to help you stay organized as a blogger be sure to check out my posting to get a free daily blog checklist.

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