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Blogging Tips: How To Make First Impressions Work In Your Favour

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Blogging Tips: How To Make First Impressions Work In Your Favour

Did you know that it takes a web user just 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your website? From that statistic alone, it should not be hard to see why making a great first impression counts for a lot.

While it can’t guarantee that readers will stay on your blog or revisit over the weeks to come, it is a vital first step to take. In truth, though, impressions can be built over a longer time. So, you must cover all the bases. Here are five tips that will ensure that you do.

Make Sure Your Site Looks Great

It is shown that 38% of users will stop using a website if it has a poor layout. Whether you use a WordPress template or create a site from scratch, the colour schemes and navigation must look great. The home page and all potential landing pages (including blog posts) should boast a clear layout. It is also important to ensure that the loading times are fast. 

Crucially, the blog should look great across all platforms, particularly mobile. After all, mobile browsing is now more common than desktop browsing.

Invest In Building Visibility

Search engines remain your greatest source of traffic, as long as your pages rank well. A strong SEO strategy will bring readers who are searching for terms related to the content you are providing. However, you should also use social media to grow awareness of your brand and blog. Snazzy images can be made with BeFunky.  it can attract clicks.

Interacting with readers is another great move. It keeps the brand fresh in their minds while also making them feel that they are valued parts of the community.

Remember To Promote Your Personality

You are your biggest USP. Your passion for whatever content you create is what will ultimately encourage people to be invested in your blog and brand. People will research you, though, so you must tie up any past issues that could hold you back. This could mean using legal representation for criminal charges. Or removing embarrassing photos.

When people can see your personality, it helps them relate to the points you are making. And when they like you, they’ll be more likely to look fondly on your work.

Diversify Your Content

The value of your words will always be the heartbeat of your blog. However, text alone can get boring (yes, I appreciate that this post isn’t blessed with much else). It’s important to use photos, illustrations, and infographics to brighten up your posts. You can also throw yourself into the world of audio or video content creation. Modern tech makes it very accessible.

Aside from keeping your current readers engaged, the new formats can win over new audiences. Besides, it’ll make the journey more fun for you.

Encourage Social Proof

Nothing makes a prospective reader want to visit a blog like being pointed there by a friend. One of the best marketing strategies you can use, then, revolves around getting readers to share your content. Many will do it if you simply ask. However, you can also run competitions where they need to tag friends or give some details about why they love the company. 

Collaborating with other bloggers and content creators can be another fantastic solution. You’ll reach their fans while the quality of your content can improve too.


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