Blogging Can Take A Team, But How Do You Manage That As A Travel Blogger?

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More people than ever are currently embracing the nomadic life of travel bloggers who can spend months or more on the road and still enjoy a regular paycheck. From the outside, this can seem like the ideal job role, and for many, it certainly turns out to be that way. But, even when your work is this great, it’s still work and, as your efforts here grow, you can often require the help of a team to keep what you’re doing here afloat.

The trouble is that, when you’re out of town so much of the time, you may have some pretty pressing concerns about how you could manage even a small team of employees. Luckily for you, we’ve got a quick-fire guide to help you do precisely that. 

Step 1: Always hire experienced professionals

While an at-home blogger might have the time to train a personal assistant from scratch, your job is going to take you away pretty often. As such, you don’t want newbie editors, etc. who need your constant guidance. Instead, it’s always worth hiring individuals with at least some experience in the blogging field, if not within a specific travel blogging context. That way, you increase the chances that your blog will run like a well-oiled machine even when you’re away, and significantly reduce the risk that your trips will be interrupted with requests for guidance or the outlining of your preferences. 

Step 2: Simplify your processes

The most experienced team is going to struggle in this role if you don’t also take steps to simplify processes including, say, collaborations and the sharing of relevant readership data, etc. As such, it’s always important to simplify, and software solutions offer a great way to do that. Collaboration tools like Slack which enable on-the-go meetings, etc. are perhaps the most obvious example of this. Meanwhile, few data solutions can stand up compared to reverse ETL when it comes to accessible, well-analyzed data that can be easily shared across even siloed teams using different apps/platforms. In both instances, you ensure not only that team management takes less time on your part, but also that your team back home has everything they could need to get along without you when necessary. 

Step 3: Schedule time to come home

While time on the road might be one of the best perks of being a travel blogger, even a team that operates across the best possible software could benefit from your presence at least some of the time. Scheduling to come home once a quarter or so can especially help with things like in-person content planning, employee morale, and just generally helping you to see first-hand what’s going on behind the scenes. All of which can better help you and your team to work together to keep your travel blog on track, and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Travel blogging will often take you away from the office by proxy but, as you can see here, that’s no reason that you can’t still manage the best blogging team imaginable. 

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