How A Blogger Uses Stock Photos & You Should Too

September 27, 2016 in Articles

Howdy everyone! So when I can’t sleep at night, I rummage around the web looking at different things (mostly shopping). Last night was was in full blown blog mode. Yup, it was kinda awful. Since my BA I have not been able to sleep well, back just hurts something awful, so I look around the web at beautiful blogs. Reading them, picking them apart, and loving most of them. Today I thought I would share with you how a blogger uses stock photos & you should too.

Below I am also going to have a rundown of my favorite places, free and paid, that I get stock images. Just because you purchase stock images does not mean that you are lazy, you might find that perfect image from someone else that conveys your brand better than you could have ever done it. Trust me it happens. 

How A Blogger Uses Stock Photos

There are a zillion ways that a blogger can use stock photos (even a review blogger). First off fine that perfect image (that is the fun part). Once you have it bring it up on your screen really big! Look at it closely and if you are like me, I start seeing different angles that you could clip this photo to make it a consistent brand tool. 

Since not everyone uses Photoshop, I am going to be using PicMoney’s Photo Editor. Simply bring up your image and go to the crop tool. The image I am using is above. 

As an example, I used the bottom left image to make a Pinterest graphic. I did use Photoshop to add the lettering and graphics, but you could also use PicMonkey to do this. 

You could use this same image to make your header on your blog, social media accounts and different cropping methods to use for graphics in your posts. That easy!!

How A Review Blogger Can Use Images Just Like This

Since I am a Review blogger or social media influencer (whatever you want to call me), I too use stock images in some postings and inside bars to draw attention to different postings or events and guides. I would say as a blogger I use my own graphics the most, because well I need the product in my pictures, but you could use the same concept as above. Take this picture as an example.

This was a posting that I did for ADATA, wonderful products by the way 🙂 Here are a couple of ways that I could crop the image. 

Using this method gives your readers different images while still using the same image, thus saving time. You could also use these for when you share your posts via social media. So it is not the same image each time. The first time I shared this posting I included the first image. Here is something I would do the second time I share this posting. 

You get the idea. Changing up your own photos of products is just as fun, and it gives your readers a new perspective each time your share your posting. I love doing this because most times I don’t have enough time in the day to retake my images, so for me, this works perfectly. 

If you want to purchase stock images, I would say that is the place to be but there are a zillion sites that offer free images that are just beautiful and eye catching either for your own products or to help around your brand. Head on over to my Pinterest Board For Stock Images and make sure to follow because I will be adding more. 

The opinions expressed here are that of Hello Betty only. While the products in this post were given complimentary for posting purposes, that does not alter our opinion of the product mentioned. Some posts may contain affiliate links. If you have any questions email

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