Bites Reviews Big Seven Holiday Gift Guide: All About The Toys

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Welp. We are in the final days till the big Christmas morning arrives, can you believe it?  This week is all about my Big Seven, which is a combination of gifts that I feel are perfect for the 2016 holiday season. This list includes all things fun and toys. I do hope that you enjoy. Make sure to look for a posting of each product this week.


Razor RipSurf

No assembly required

Price Toys R’ Us: $99.99 (ships for free)

Looking to give a gift that is fun and get your child outside? Look no further the Razor RipSurf is so much fun and is a great take on the standard skateboard. Surf Where You Live! The all new RipSurf – designed in Southern California. The RipSurf’s patented design allows riders to carve and cut like a real surfboard, but on dry land! Riding on two high-performance caster wheels and an authentically styled polypropylene deck, this is one ride-on that’s ready to make waves!

Call of Duty MQ-27 Stunt Drone

Price at Gamestop: $59.99

Looking for a great Stunt Drone? This year I had the pleasure to test out the Call Of Duty MQ-27 Stunt Drone, and I must say it is super fun to fly. Do tricks and flips with a hand held remote. Getting the hang of this drone took me about five minutes but this bad boy is super tough. Let’s just say that I crashed more than once, and this drone keeps ticking.

It is easy to set up and get started and everything you need is included in the package.


• 1 Drones
• 1 Remotes
• One extra sets of propellers
• Screwdriver
• 1 USB Chargers
• 1 Rechargeable drone battery

Call of Duty Dragonfly Drone with Camera

Walmart Price: $79.00

If you are looking for a step up from the Stunt Drone and want a camera included at a great price check out the Dragonfly Drone. This quadcopter, UAV drone comes equipped with 4 quiet rotors and uses a 6-axis gyroscope for superior control indoors or out. It has a built in auto-hover, auto-land, three different speeds and it can perform 360 flips and rolls. The Call of Duty Dragonfly Drone comes with many capabilities that surpass other drones for kids. This drone performs high-speed flips, spins and features orbital mode where it automatically rotates in a 16 ft. orbit around a fixed point. One key return brings the quad drone home with the push of a button. This Wi-Fi camera drone shoots photo and video that can be streamed live to your smart phone with the Call of Duty drone app (COD Drones).

What I love about this particular drone is that not only does it have a camera but you also can make awesome stunts like flips and turns. The dragonfly drone uses a six-axis gyroscope to make controlling your UAV quad drone easier to control. It has three variable speeds to fit any situation. The remote control for this UAV drone features automatic landing and take-off functions, as well as trim controls to easily balance while in flight. If you lose sight of the quad drone, just press the one-key return button, and it will automatically come back to the remote.

Knolly’s Adventure Plane

Find out purchasing options on DGL 

This plane is just adorable and perfect for any little girl that has adventure in her heart. Take Knolly along with this radio controlled Adventure Plane. If you are looking for a way to introduce your child to radio controlled toys, this is perfect. The airplane requires 3 AA batteries. The remote requires 2 AA batteries. Batteries are not included.


Available At Whiffer Sniffers

These cute little plushes are the perfect gift to hug and sniff. They smell so yummy and are a little twist on your average stuffed animal. My favorite this holiday is the Sugar Cake Super Sniffer. A little info about this adorable and stylish cupcake. The icing makes the cake, or cupcake in this case. Before going out the door, Sugar Cake spends each morning making sure her icing is just perfect. A dollop here, a sprinkle there, everything ingredient has to be in its place before she set steps out for the day. It may take her a while, but looking your best means you’re dressed for success.

Aura Powerpods with 2” Doll Assortment

Available Nationwide and at Toywiz


These Aura Powerpods with 2” Doll Assortment have to be the cutest ever. Each Aura Powerpod pack comes with everything you need to have fun even during the cold winter days. Each aura pack from Spin Master includes:

  •  Translucent aura power vehicles with a 2″ figure of each girl
  • Each vehicle has a pullback feature that lets them zip around or break through walls
  •  Styles include: Bubbles/Bunny; Blossom/Stapler; Buttercup/Cannon
  • Also, comes with breakthrough Wall and 2D villain character to play out your favorite stories

Marbles: The Brain Store Mission To Space game

Available at Marbles: The Brain Store $24.99


In a WORLD…that’s OUT OF THIS WORLD…the fate of precious space cargo rests in your two hands. Bring your warp core online and pilot a starship using a precision pulley system. Navigate through treacherous sectors of the galaxy avoiding extraterrestrials, asteroids and black holes. Should you complete your mission, more fantastic journeys await you, each in another part of space and each with its own challenges. Master each one, then invite your friends and aliens over to see who’s the fastest pilot! Kick your visual acuity and fine motor skills into hyperdrive to take on this Mission To Space.


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