Becoming A More Ethical Fashionista

October 3, 2019 in fashion

Fashion is an amazing thing. It brings us self-expression, self-empowerment, and the ability to show who we really are under the surface. It’s easy for someone to see those who care for high-designers and many other expensive garments and think this is only for those who care too much about themselves, only caring for form instead of practicality. While some fashion statements can surely be obscenely priced, it’s also important to recognize that fashion and its eternal blossoming is actually a celebration of life, a willingness to make the most out of our aesthetic and bring some more color into each passing day.

However, as a fashionista yourself (or someone who simply enjoys dressing well), it’s hard to counteract that our purchasing power can often be used in harmful ways. For this reason, a wave of ethical fashion consumerism has taken root, helping us consider the best practices to follow should we wish to have a positive impact on the industry and culture we love so much, no matter which part of it you enjoy the most.

Becoming an ethical fashionista, or something resembling this, is more than possible. Let us convince you of why:

Research Your Brands

It can be truly revolutionary to research the brands you hope to support. Perhaps they are engaging in practices you do not wish to see, such as sweat shop labor abroad, paying little for those who manufacture the clothes in bad conditions

 abroad, or perhaps other controversial elements such as real leather and animal skins. It might be that certain fabrics are treated with products you do not agree with, or only shopping for completely cruelty-free makeup never tested on animals is an important part of your purchasing insight. A little research can always go a long way.

Avoid Fake Clothing

If certain mainstream brands are produced in harmful conditions, you can be sure that counterfeit items are. Fake sunglasses, fake jewelry and fake watches are just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, you needn’t be perfect about spotting a forgery or counterfeit item immediately, but it can be important to shop in areas that do not allow this sort of stock. Not only is there a tremendous individual cost to supporting these practices, but it also contributes to a culture of fraud.

Consider The Image You Present

It might be that you love showing off your body through revealing clothing, or it might be that you enjoy dressing completely conservatively so no one can see your figure without consent. Trust us, we’re not about to make a value distinction between the two. If it empowers you, go for it! But it can sometimes be that the image you show can be harmful to some, especially if you espouse those beliefs militantly. Remember that while you might abide by certain standards, there’s no reason to try and enforce that upon others unless you can open a willing and respectful discussion to do so. This can help your real beliefs carry much more weight if you need them to.

With this advice, you’re sure to become the amazing ethical fashionista you hope to be.

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