How I Have Become An Organized Blogger & How It May Help You

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 I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season. With Christmas and New Year behind us, it is time to start fresh, and that is exactly what I am doing this year. Not only in my personal life but when it comes to blogging as well. Today I thought I would share with you all how I became an organized blogger in hopes that you might help you as well. 

This year I will be adding many new things to my blog even a course that I started working on for new bloggers so that I can share what I have learned so far. I don’t look for this to be completed for a couple of months, but I just wanted to throw that out there. LOL. Any who!

When it comes to blogging being on your toes at all times is a must. You have to be organized. I have never been a very organized person but last year I started to work on getting things organized so that they will run a bit more smoothly. I can tell you I have noticed a huge difference since I have implemented a couple of things. 

Have a blogging space: Sure I still blog laying in bed, sitting in the living room or kitchen but my main area is my office. This is a space just for me. Everything that I need to do my photos along with items that I have started to purchase for my photography is organized in the office. I don’t have a large home at all, in fact. It is roughly about 800 square feet. Not big right? But I make it work. I turned the outside porch into my office. You can see a posting about my office here.

Have things organized: Having things organized makes a huge difference in productivity. This year I have started to style my photos more making them more inviting for readers. This means more odd’s and ends. Having everything in a place helps me be productive and find everything with ease. The other day I bought one of the Craft Carts from Micheals to help with organization of smaller items. This cart is perfect! It does not take up much space, and it is big enough for smaller odd’s and ends.

Clean Everything Out: Another way that I prepare for the new blogging year is to clean everything out. When products come in and ideas come to mind I start hoarding things. To get rid of a couple of items that I no longer need but know that someone else can use I give it away. I have given away over half of the items that I receive for review.

Find A Good Calendar: This year I already have the entire month of January written in with postings that I will be doing. Recently I started to use a FREE calendar online it is called Beautiful Calendar.  I have enjoyed using this calendar and since I have made it my homepage it is always in my face. No excuses for being late anymore…he he he..

Having some type of calendar is a must! Keeping track of everything that needs to be done also this is a great tool to use to find out about holidays that are coming up so that you can prepare your postings in time. I not only use a calendar online, but I also write things on my chalkboard that need to be done. That way it is always on the top of my mind. 

My office and organization skills might not be a showpiece but it works for me, and it was within my budget. If you are looking for great organization products makes sure to stay tuned. I do hope that this gives some of you ideas of how you might get organized for 2016. How do you organize your office?? I would love to know…..Cheers


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  1. I love how your office looks so organized and looks professional. I have 3 bedrooms I want to make one of mine my office again. The tips you gave are really awesome thank you so much. You are another blogger that I look up too.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment. I try to be organized more so now that I blog. I have found that being organized not only in blogging but in life has helped me so much to accomplish more. I hope that you can reclaim your space. I have found that it really helps to have an area that you love! Good Luck in 2016 and may all your blogging dreams come true. Cheers.

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