Become A Better Cook In Five Easy Steps

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Cooking isn’t just about necessity, creating delicious dishes can be quite the art form. You might not consider yourself a whizz in the kitchen, but there’s no reason that you can’t change that. To start the journey to becoming a better cook, follow these five steps.

1 . Try cookery classes

If you’d like to become a better cook, why not try some cookery classes? Taking a class is a wonderful why to learn new cooking skills, practice a range of techniques, and boost your confidence. Before you sign up to a class it’s best to assess your level. Are you a beginner, a mid-level cook, or a little more advanced? Understanding your abilities will help you to choose the right class for you. 

Next you’ll need to think about which type of class you’d prefer. Perhaps you’re looking for a general class, or maybe you’d like to focus on deserts, or Italian food? There are plenty of options to choose from including both online and in-person classes.

2. Treat yourself to some cookery books

Want to take your cooking skills to the next level? Then why not treat yourself to a few new cookery books? Choose books that focus on cooking methods and tips, or recipe books if you’re looking for inspiration.

According to Delish, the top rated cookery books this year include Vegetarian Chinese Soul by Hsiao-China Chou, and Simply Julia by Julia Turshen. Here you’ll find recipes for every occasion, whether it’s a chilled dinner party with friends or a mid-week family meal.

3. Check out foodie apps

There are many different ways to learn new things, whether you listen to a podcast or check out an app. To start learning plenty of tips and tricks today, check out these cool foodie apps:

Kitchen Stories: This app has a huge range of different recipes, there are also video tutorials which can help you to learn lots of new cooking skills. With Kitchen Stories you can also create grocery lists, to save you plenty of time.

Yummly: Another great app to boost your cooking skills is Yummly, here you’ll find lots of advice, resources and recipes, to help you become a cooking pro. Using the right kitchen tools and tips, you’ll create some yummy recipes in no time.

4. Plenty of practice

Becoming a better cook doesn’t happen overnight, it takes plenty of practice to get it right. The more that you try out new recipes, and experiment with new styles, the more you’ll learn and improve. Take any excuse you can find to try out new recipes, whether it’s throwing dinner parties, or baking for a local community event.

5. It’s all about preparation

Improving your cooking skills is all about getting prepared and organized. First off, ensure that you’ve got all the right cooking tools. Make sure that you’ve got a good meat tenderizer, chef’s knife, a spiralizer, and a non-stick wok. These are just a few ideas, there are plenty more kitchen tools which can help to improve your cooking. To save time in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to order online grocery delivery. Ordering your groceries online is much quickers and more convenient.

Using these five key steps you’ll boost your cooking skills, and create some seriously delicious meals.

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