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Banana Samba: One Amazing Fruit Snack

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I adore to snack and sometimes I don’t make the best decisions when it comes to what I snack on, but no longer. You might have seen posts on Banana Samba on Facebook recently, I know I have, but I am always wondering, “ok. just how good are they”. I can tell you without a doubt they are good, they are chewy and they are the perfect little bit to crave that sweet tooth while still getting a natural source of potassium.

Banana Samba, a traditional Brazilian super snack made with simple ingredients and zero artificial colors or preservatives. It’s simply delicious! Slowly-cooked bananas caramelize their own natural sugars and give Banana Samba a delicious, soft, chewy texture.

It’s the perfect choice for healthy lifestyle enthusiasts looking to avoid artificial energy shots and bars for something simple, natural, and convenient. Banana Samba is a dance for the senses, with mouthwatering flavor to curb your appetite and give you a boost during the day. For that mid-afternoon slump, this is the guilt-free way to snack!

Banana Samba has a ton of different flavors but honestly the classic is my favorite. I love that they come in little perfectly wrapped delights. Ready for you to enjoy any time of the day.

These will all be in my holiday guide but since this is a product that I am literally in love with I just had to do a feature. Other flavors that I tried was the Fit, which contains Chia, the chocolate (which my husband adored), and simply. They are all super yummy but the Classic is out of this world good.

This has become my little afternoon snack. There are so many banana chips on the market and it is so nice to see a different way to get the potassium I need.


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