Baking Cookies This Holiday Season?

by Betty Bite

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Most of us will be baking up a storm this holiday season and I wanted to share the perfect combination to bake the perfect cookies. I had a chance to check out the Ayesha Bakeware 3-Piece Cookie Pan Set and the Anolon Advanced Bakeware 2 Piece Silicone Mat Set. These two sets are a match made in heaven.

baking cookies

I bake a great deal for my blog and my family, so I am always looking for the perfect cookie pan set and Ayesha Bakeware really hit the ball on the mark.

What I adore most about this pan set is the fact that it is super easy to get out of the oven. Heavy-duty, high-performance steel construction boasts extended sheet pan edges for easy handling in and out of the oven where the cookie sheets are oven safe to 450°F.

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This set is only 23.99 (at the time of posting) which is an amazing price for the quality. They are non-stick but I adore cooking on a silicone mat so I opted to use the Anolon Advanced Silicone Mat. These mats are perfect for baking your cookies or sweets this holiday season.

Silicone mats are perfect for cookies and prep work. I tend to make my cookie mix ahead of time and I can use the mats to actually freeze the cookies till I am ready to cook them. This really helps with the stress during the holiday so you can have everything ready to go.

Featuring durable silicone baking mats in two convenient sizes. this set turns virtually any cookie sheet, sheet pan, or cake pan into a nonstick wonder for effortless food release of baked goods, roasted vegetables, spicy chicken wings and more. Simply place the mat on the flat surface of your bakeware for great, golden-brown results.

So if you are baking cookies this holiday season, I do hope that you check out Ayesha Bakeware 3-Piece Cookie Pan Set and the Anolon Advanced Bakeware 2 Piece Silicone Mat Set. They are both amazing brands, with amazing quality and standards.

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