Back To Simplicity With BLU Notebooks

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Good morning and I hope that you all are having a wonderful week. A nostalgic callback to when creativity was, quite literally, hands on. It’s called the BLU Notebook, and I really think this is an excellent gift for anyone that loves to get back to the “pen and paper method.” I must admit that I was blown away a bit by the design and think this notebook is totally stunning.

BLU Notebook

The BLU Notebook is the first ever sketching journal made from pages that have the look and feel of traditional blueprint paper (Without the smell of Ammonia!). BLU offers an aesthetically pleasing and soothing effect when using vibrantly pigmented white and colored gel ink against the rich blue pages of BLU. This makes all your designs pop and not only that but simply easy to read.

The BLU Notebook offers a 10:1” grid within a finer 2:1″ grid. The grid provides for multiple scaling options and is not so overpowering as to distract from your designs. This can help you keep all of your designs to perfect scale no matter what you are working on. 

I honestly, think this is a gift for anyone. Someone that is planning a project, a creative that loves to draw, or even doing your homework. Its simplicity makes this the perfect gift this holiday season. You can purchase the BLU Notebook online for $16.02 which comes with one notebook as well as a Sakura White Gelly Roll 10 Bold Gel Pen to get you started.

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