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Atomic Beam Lantern: Don’t Get Left In The Dark

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Summer is certainly on its way which means warmer nights and fun in the sun. One thing that my husband and I really enjoy doing is just sitting outside either looking up at the stars or just talking. I have some of the best memories when we simply are doing nothing. One thing that I always make sure to have on hand is a good flashlight or lantern. Since this winter has been super mild, we have already started sitting outside at night, and I have a chance to check out the Atomic Beam Lantern from


I must say that I was surprised with how bright this lantern really was compared to others that we have owned (and we have a lot). I would say that my husband and I are preppers so being prepared is important and having a good light is even more important.

There are so many uses for the Atomic Beam Lantern but before I give you some practical uses I wanted to tell you a bit more about the product itself. Firstly, it does use 3 AA batteries, so be sure that you have a couple of extra on hand if you plan to use this in emergency situations. Secondly, the design of the Atomic Beam is really cool. To turn it on you simply pull up on the handles which reveals the light. To turn it off you just push down.  Lastly, that size and weight of the Atomic Beam is perfect to throw in a backpack and would take up more room than a flashlight, but you will get more light from this once source.

Below is a picture so that you can sort of judge the size a bit better. This is an iPhone 6s Plus.

3 Practical Uses For The Atomic Beam

Camping: Obviously camping is the first practical use for the Atomic Beam. I mean this light is totally perfect because not only is it easy to handle but you could also use the convenient hook on the bottom to hang from branch or such so that you don’t have to carry it.

Blackouts: Blackouts here in the mountains are common, thankfully they have not happened in awhile, but it is important to be ready. You don’t want to fumble around your home looking for light. You could simply use the Atomic Beam Lantern. This would throw enough light that you could see an entire room and be comfortable. You want to make sure that you keep this is a spot that you can easily get to and find the light.

Emergencies:  Ok. I am not one of those preppers that believes that the world is going to end tomorrow or next week. But I am the prepper that feels that there is no sense in not being prepared. No matter if you plan to bug out or bug in the Atomic Beam Lantern is certainly a light that you should have on hand. Again you want to make sure that you have extra batteries and keep this in your bug out bag or bug in bag. So you are always read.

Is Your Child Afriad Of The Dark? I think this would make the perfect little night light as well 🙂


  • Portable lantern is waterproof, weather resistant, and built to withstand high-impact falls
  • Get up to 12 hours of light with 30 bright white LEDs shine up to 12 hours on 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Pull it up to turn on lamp
  • Stands on base or hangs from built-in handle
  • Measures 7.28″ x 3.46″ (open position)


The Atomic Beam offers so many practical uses and not only that, but it does have a magnetic bottom so you could stick this in a place in your home that is it ready for use. Not only that but bulbhead also does offer an Atomic Beam Flashlight if you are looking for something a bit smaller to go in your car or backpack.


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