Are You On The Quest For A Kitchen Design Which Stays Looking Cleaner For Longer?

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The kitchen, more than any other room in your home, is a functional space. This is where you come to cook delicious meals for the whole family. It’s where you slave away come hell or high water. It’s also the place which stands to get the messiest of all. When your creations are underway, your kitchen sides will soon start to look like a science experiment that’s gone wrong. We’re talking about stains which even industrial cleaners can’t get rid of, and crumbs which no vacuum can quite reach.

Before you know, you’re spending a large portion of your time either cooking or cleaning in this space. If you aren’t careful, then, you could soon start to lose your mind as a result. Before long, you could even start to hate the kitchen design you painstakingly chose when you moved in. It may have looked good once, but none of it stays that way for long. Before long, any bad choices here could start to look sloppy irrelevant of how much you clean. That carpet will soon have food crumbs embedded so deep that there’s nothing you can do about it. That farmhouse sink won’t even be visible under the pile of dishes which always seem to build there.

It can be disheartening, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Reconsidering some of your original design choices could be all it takes to see your kitchen looking sleek. So, put those rubber gloves down for a moment. Then, consider how much easier your life would be if you made these simple changes.

Tiles instead of carpet

You may not have thought much about incorporating a short-stranded carpet into your kitchen. Not all that long ago, this was pretty commonplace. Why wouldn’t you want something warming and soft below your feet as you cook? By now, you probably know why. Carpet is terrible when it comes to food. One splash stains for a lifetime. As we’ve already mentioned, those crumbs can cause real issues, too. Within a few years, that carpet you selected so carefully could start to look like a disaster. It’s past time, then, that you kept up with the trend of tiled kitchens. Bright and funky floor tiles are all in fashion nowadays. Jumping on that bandwagon could benefit you in a few different ways. For one, this could look fantastic, and bring a whole new lease of life into this space. For another, you would then be able to wipe clean any unfortunate spillages without worry. Dropped crumbs on the floor? Not a problem, you could just sweep them up. When you consider it that way, it’s hard to see why you ever thought a carpet was a good idea, isn’t it?

Granite instead of wood

There’s no denying that your wooden countertops are bang on trend. We’re all about woody and natural looks in the home nowadays. But, that still doesn’t mean they’re the right choice for you. Even varnished wood has the downside of being delicate. Chopping something straight onto the counter could lead to groves. Over time, those grooves become hotspots for dirt. What’s more, the lightness of wood shows every little mark. By comparison, opting for beautiful custom marble counters like those offered by World Stone Group could be the answer to your problems. Even the sharpest knife doesn’t stand a chance against a durable material like this. What’s more, the natural marks in marble counters can hide any number of stains and issues. You’ll also found that counters like these are easier than ever to wipe clean. And, let’s be frank; they look pretty darn good too.

Built-in dishwasher over a kitchen sink

Okay, no one’s saying that your farmhouse sink doesn’t look amazing. There’s something about a feature like this which can finish a kitchen off. The trouble is, you’ve never been able to appreciate yours because it’s always filled with dishes. After all, you assumed a dishwasher was unnecessary given you had a such a large sink. The trouble is, washing dishes by hand is a job which never ends. Even if you tackle this twice a day, you can bet stray dirty glasses and plates will end up here. That’s terrible news for kitchen decor for apparent reasons. By comparison, a dishwasher is a much better option. Of course, dishwashers in themselves aren’t the most attractive of kitchen companions. But, you can counterbalance that by selecting a built-in option which looks like another kitchen cupboard. Then, you’ll be able to put dishes here as soon as they’re dirty. You’ll never need to worry about them cluttering up your sink and sides again.

6-ring hobs over four

The chances are that you didn’t even think twice about investing in a four-ring hob. This is, after all, a pretty standard choice. But, small hobs bring big issues, none of which help with your kitchen appearance. If you ever attempt to cook a big meal, you end up with pans squashed where they don’t fit and spares on your side because they have nowhere else to go. Before you know it, you have food overflowing onto your hob, and scorch marks on your side. In short; it’s rarely a good thing. By comparison, a 6-ring hob is sure to provide plenty of space for your saucepan needs. Even a large family meal would struggle to make use of all these. Just being able to spread out a little will drastically reduce your risk of overspill here. That’s before you even consider that a 6-ring option looks pretty impressive in itself. This could become a fashionable feature of your kitchen which draws the eye of anyone who enters. All you would need to do is wipe it down on occasion to make sure it was a sight worth looking at.

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In the grand scheme of design, these are small changes to make. Still, each one of them could take your closer to the clean kitchen of your dreams. So, get to it!

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