Are Bright Interiors A Touch Of Sunshine Or A Significant Mistake?

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After being (largely) trapped in our houses for over a year now, it’s unsurprising that many of us are using the shift towards spring as a handy excuse to redecorate. In keeping with the season and time of life, bright colors are a particularly appealing option right now, especially if you’ve been trapped in a white-walled minimalist haven all this time. 

A look at the facts actually reveals that bright colors are one of the top interior design trends for 2021. Turquoise and emerald are particularly popular, with 24% of designers reporting these as their top decor choice, while 22% selected yellow and burnt orange.

That said, while the white walls that many of us have used as a default are pretty forgiving, bright colors aren’t so easy to get right. In fact, one slip up could see this injection of sunshine looking, quite frankly, terrible. So, how exactly can you redesign a home fit for spring without crossing that perilous line?

Consider your overall design style

If this is your first dive into bright colors then you must consider overall design style before you get stuck in. After all, a burnt orange living room is unlikely to work well with an otherwise ‘environmental’ style focus. By comparison, bright colors are pretty much guaranteed to work with something like American country. This isn’t to say, of course, that you can’t switch things up, but if you are fitting a brighter paint color into a more natural existing color-palette, you’re probably best off with something like a rust orange over a bright yellow or turquoise. 

Ensure a flawless finish

White and beige walls are astoundingly easy to get right, but bright paints aren’t quite as forgiving, with visible brush strokes and accidental smudges on your ceilings or skirting boards spelling disaster. Hence why, to make this approach work, you need to take it carefully. Probably the best thing in this instance is to start searching for ‘house painters near me’ so that you can ensure a professional finish that sees your walls shining. Alternatively, make sure to take real care, and use the largest rollers and smallest brushes to get those walls, and tiny details, just right. 

Update your accessories

Neutral or subtle walls work well with near enough any accessories, be they bright, or neutral themselves. Unfortunately, brighter walls mean that those same accessories are unlikely to work in the same ways. Instead, you’re going to want to update everything from your rugs to your cushion covers with your new, brighter color palette in mind. Most notably, aim to avoid clashes that could unravel your interiors altogether. Instead, either opt for subtler colors or slightly different shades of the same color as your walls for a guaranteed harmonious finish. 

Bright colors are brilliant in any home, and there’s never been a better time to get lost in the joy they can bring. Simply consider these pointers to make sure that your interiors are winning once you reach the finish line.

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