Amazing Pop Culture Gifts For The Holiday Season

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Most of you know that I am a huge fan of all things pop culture and today I wanted to share some amazing ideas for the fan lover in your family. From DC to Harry Potter and Marvel, Insight Editions’ new sculpted candles and handmade cards for popculture fans will make great gifts for teens and adults this season. I must say that I have fallen in love with some of these and I know you will as well. Below you will find images of some of the candles and cards from Insight Edition, and they totally are a must see!!

Insight Luminaries

Insight Luminaries is where you will find a ton of candles, from Game of Thrones (my personal fav) to Harry Potter and beyond. These are simply stunning, and the craftsmanship of these candles are amazing. The first candle I checked out was actually a set of Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Candles. These are beautiful in every way!

Dragons are a dominant force in the world of Game of Thrones. Now, you can prepare for the coming of winter with these intricately designed candles modeled after the petrified dragon eggs owned by Daenerys Targaryen on the show — a must-have decoration for any fan!

I also got to check out a beautiful Harry Potter candle. Honestly, not knowing a ton about Harry Potter I still enjoyed this candle. It is simply stunning! Experience the magic of HOGWARTS™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with this deluxe candle. This gorgeous large pillar candle features a sculpted, hand-painted emblem of the Hogwarts crest—a must-have decoration for any HARRY POTTER™ fan!

The detail on both of these candles is simply amazing and takes my breath away each time I look at them. I could not be more pleased with how these look and I think they are the perfect gift this holiday season for anyone that is looking for the right pop gift ?. You can check out the entire line of candles online, and I highly suggest that you do.

Pop Craft Cards

If you are looking for the perfect card to go with these candles or looking for something a bit out of the ordinary you MUST check out Pop Craft!! I just had to share a little video with you showing you how these cards are made. Again the attention to detail and uniqueness of these are just really awesome and something that you need to see in person. 

Super cool right? I got to check out two of these cards, and I just had to share images because these babies are super cool! Below you will find the two that I had the chance to check out.

Each of these are super fun, and I think that any adult or kiddo would love to get one of these babies. You can check out the entire line of Pop Craft online and this month in stores as well like Amazon, Gamestop and more, as well as the Insight Luminaries.


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