Amazing Kitchen Backsplash Tile Trends For 2019 & Coupon Code

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My husband and I have owned our home for over six years, and this year we are making a break for it to sell our home and find a new forever home. It is a huge step for us but a much-needed change. Today I wanted to chat with you about some amazing kitchen wall tile trends for 2019 and just how Mosaic Tile Outlet can help. First off, let me tell you about the company itself.

Mosaic Tile Outlet has been in business for over 20 years. They recently made the transition from being strictly a manufacturer and wholesaler to a direct-to-consumer business model. For this reason, they can offer the most competitive prices for mosaic tile anywhere in the United States. In addition to amazing prices, they also excel in product quality. 

I recently I had a chance to check out a couple of samples of their tile and I must say that I am impressed. Even my husband who has been a contractor said that their tile is beautifully sourced out and they seem to hold their tile at the highest standard. Below you will find a little video of the unboxing of the samples just so that you can see the quality first hand.

Sorry about my hands as we have been working already on the house and it is taking its toll 😉

Beautiful right? As we saw in the video there were a couple of amazing tiles that I feel are perfect for trends for 2019 and this year is the one year that I am so excited for! Below you will find nine kitchen tile trends for 2019, which will you choose?

Ceiling-Height Backsplash

I must admit that one of my favorite trends for 2019 is the ceiling-height backsplash. I just adore this look! When you think of a backsplash most would think of that no-mans land between the cabinets and the top of the countertops. I see more and more this year that people are breaking this tradition with amazing ceiling-height backsplashes and it looks simply beautiful.

Using this design concept you really break all traditions and for a wonderful reason. What I love about this concept is that you could use a tradition tile such as a subway tile but still bring a more modern touch.

Mirrored and Metallic Finishes

I do feel that the mirrored and metallic finished tiles will gain even more popularly this year. These finishes if you really just don’t dig the glossy look of other tiles. What is so great about both of these finishes is the light. The way that natural light bounces off of mirrored and metallic finishes is amazing and really can set a room apart.

I think the best use for mirrored tile is to highlight an area of a kitchen such as a wet bar, or island. When it comes to the metallic finishes this really can be used anywhere to give you that super modern touch. This again is perfect to use for the ceiling height backsplash. Mosaic Tile Outlet has a huge selection of metallic tiles perfect for any project.

Bring On The Color

In 2019, color is a HUGE deal! I remember years ago when everyone was afraid to use color on their kitchen backsplash but now the more color the better. I have always thought of the kitchen backsplash as a focal point in every kitchen and needs to be thought out, but adding amazing color can really set this room apart.

You can really give your guests and family a huge statement here of your personal style and personality. Again, Mosaic Tile Outlet has you covered when it comes to all sorts of different colors and patterns.

For me, these are the three biggest kitchen backsplash trends for 2019 and I am so excited. I do hope that these give you a little bit of inspiratiton for your next design and do please stay tuned as my husband and I begin our spring renovations to the finish line of selling our property. We will be incorporating so many ideas that I have talked about on the blog so that you can see them come to life.

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